Augustus Muller and Jae Matthews make up the dark electronic duo, BOY HARSHER. With them, they bring an electronic sound, gritty beats, and intense vocals like nothing you’ve ever heard before. The sound can be described as eerie, intense, beautiful, but above all, danceable. While listening, you can almost tell that the two have a background in film and it’s no surprise when you hear that they met in film school.

We were lucky enough to get 5 questions answered by the duo before their Denver show TONIGHT!

Four Over Four: You’ve both said in interviews that you love playing in dark locations where you can’t really see the crowd and just let the music take over, so the question is, is the music for you or for the crowd or both?

Boy Harsher: Playing loud music is a release and killing the lights helps facilitate a mutual experience for the crowd and us. It’s easier to get into it when you lose your surroundings. Or at least, that’s what it’s been like for us while playing and while watching others perform.

4/4: You’ve been on an insane tour since the beginning of the year and deep into the summer, Boy Harsherhow’d you set all of those locations up?

BH: Jae usually does all the booking and we generally seek out shows that feature artists we’re into and spaces we support.  This time around Natasha, of Flower Booking, put our route together and it’s been great.

4/4: So far in 2017 you’re featured on the Night Bully EP by Urochromes, but should fans be looking out for a new album this year?

BH: We can’t say a whole lot, but yes we have an LP coming out this fall!

4/4: Can you tell us anything about Country Girl? Has it been put out? Still in the works?

BH: Country Girl is a short film that Jae has been working on with Brooklyn-based performer Tara-Jo Tashna.  It’s about a fruit smasher living in isolation in the countryside. We’ll wrap up the production in June and release it, hopefully with a single, in the summer.

4/4: What are you most excited about on your current tour?

Boy Harsher: Were in the Northwest right now and it’s our first time there. Very excited to romp around there for a couple of days.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Denver, hit’em up (5/9) on Jukely or enter for the chance to WIN tickets to the Toronto show May 19th! If not, find them all over the country below.


May 10th Salt Lake City @ Vague Space

May 11th Boise @ Wavepop

May 12th Portland @ Analog Theatre

May 13 Seattle @ Upstream Music Fest

May 14th Vancouver @ Red Gate

May 17th Madison @ Art In

May 18th Detroit @ Ufo Factory

May 19th Toronto @ Baby G

May 20th Montreal @ TBA (Dj Set, Jae Solo)

June 6th NYC @ Nothing Changes

June 17th Montreal @ Casa Del Popolo

September 20th Atlanta @ The Masquerade

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