If ALOK was more rebellious, he probably would have ended up an accountant. Luckily for us, he embraced what is basically the family business and became a DJ.

Both his father, his mother, and his twin brother are connoisseurs of dance music, so from a very young age, ALOK was exposed to music. Of course, he took that early exposure, internalized it, and made it his own. Now he’s well known in his own right and his meteoric rise out of the Brazilian music scene and into the international scene is well documented.

Even with that, he maintains strong ties to his homeland and his family. I got a chance to speak with him about his music, his family, and his hometown in Brazil before his upcoming show in San Diego put on by LED Presents.

Growing up in a very musical family, was that a big influence in your choices, especially early on?

Looking back now I can say that it was a very crucial aspect that contributed to my life choices regarding music really early when I was just 8 or 9 years old. Growing up I attended festivals and the music was already grabbing my attention.

Both of my parents being DJ’s and the fact that they lived and breathed for music was predominantly influential in my life as well. Our whole family was connected to electronic music when a lot of people out there didn’t imagine or know about its massive culture.

You started your career at a very young age alongside your twin brother. Was it helpful starting out with him by your side?

It was helpful, fun, and magical! To be honest, us playing apart from each other was unfathomable… that’s how much we were connected.

When we eventually separated and decided to part ways I really felt it and suffered, but I believe we both had our journeys to go though and learn from our individual experiences. He’s absolutely killing it now and I really admire his work, talent, and skill set.

If you don’t know him, don’t forget this name : BHASKAR.

Brazil is a rapidly changing country. How do you see those changes manifesting in the music scene?

The transformation that has been happening in the music scene is just insane. The electronic music scene has grown exponentially and is absolutely blowing up. We have broken through so many barriers, and electronic music now is the predominant style in parties and even parades and festivals.

Before it was just something else and the focus was on other styles. It makes me extremely happy and grateful to be part of this all and to contribute to such amazing moment musically wise in my country.

ALOK in a fisheye camera

What part of your hometown or Brazilian culture in general do you think most people miss when they visit?

Without a doubt the place is called “Chapada dos Veadeiros” and the village called “Alto Paraíso.” The place is located on a plateau with more than 300 waterfalls and a lot of national parks. I’ve gone there since I was a kid, and I even lived there for a bit. It is so peaceful and refreshing to be there that it doesn’t matter where I am in the world I still think of Chapada as the Dream place to be.

I strongly recommend everyone to visit the place and spend a few days there. It is magical.

Besides your own genre, what do you like listening to?

I love all types of music. In my opinion when the music is great and well produced, the musical journey is pleasant and enjoyable.

Of course there are a few playlists that are always playing on my iPod. I would say that I have been listening to pop, rock, indie, hip hop, and jazz lately.

Congrats on the success of ‘Hear Me Now’! For your latest single ‘Never Let Me Go’ you linked with Bruno Martini and Zeeba; how was it working as a trio again?

Thank you all very much from the bottom of our hearts!

It was amazing and the connection between us inside the studio is very apparent and powerful. They are both really talented artists with a lot of potential and great ideas. We were able to make something remarkable again and we are really happy and over the moon about it.

What do you think is the future direction of dance music?

I believe that dance music lives by cycles and it is hard to predict where is going to go. The way I see it now, we are growing and conquering globally, and I don’t see that stopping any time soon.

Every day more artists are born and more styles are revealed. I never imagined such a boom and in such strength. It makes me proud to see that we are just growing and gaining more people to our tribe.

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