AMiR is one of London’s newest singer/songwriters, and he specializes R&B and funk influenced pop. He’s quickly establishing a name for himself in the music industry after releasing two very well received singles “All or Nothing” and “Drench Me With Your Lust.” The latter, his most recent single, has had over 80,000 plays on Spotify alone and counting.

We had a minute to speak to AMiR about his new single success and his plans for the next year.

Congrats on your new singles “All or Nothing” and “Drench Me With Your Lust”! Can you tell us a little bit about them?

“Drench Me With Your Lust” came about in Wendy House studio in Shepherds Bush with Peter and Daniel from Cutfather’s production team. They played the foundations of the beat and I came up with the melody and sang the last line. The lyrics flowed out within 15 minutes and I went in to the booth and cut it. All came together very quickly and naturally.

“All or Nothing” was made in Ealing studios with Patrick and Sunni (they wrote “Touch” by Little Mix) and Patrick played the chords that you hear at the beginning and it all flowed really nicely from there.

Both songs are about a night out when you catch a lady’s eye and you have one night of perfection.

You describe your sound as R&B and funk influenced pop. How’d you get into music? Did something in particular shape your sound that way?

AMiRMichael Jackson’s Dangerous Tour Bucharest! My mum recorded it on video and I grew up watching that and I studied that man more than I studied at school. Then it moved to garage Craig David, Eminem, Jamiroquai. Then I started appreciating playing instruments, so I listened to a lot of rock. I love grime as well. But Michael Jackson and Craig David have most to do with influencing my sound.

You come from a multicultural background. Has this influenced the way you approach producing?

I guess you could say that would have an influence on my life and through that, it would influence my music, but I don’t think it has a direct effect on my approach to anything. My life, situations, feelings… those are the things that drive my music. Not my heritage. I’m proud of it though!

You’ve spent some time in New York and L.A., and you’re based in London. Which is your favorite? Would you ever move to the States?

That’s difficult because they all have something different to offer. I love all three. London is of course home, New York is so fast paced (similar to London), but L.A. is like nowhere else. L.A., the weather is unbelievable. All these factors change the things I write about as the approach to life in those places are so different. I allow myself to get sucked in to all the vibe of everywhere I go.

England will always be home, but never say never!

AMiRWhat’s your day-to-day like in London when you aren’t producing? Do you have any favorite neighborhood spots?

When I’m not writing and recording vocals, I do boxing in the gym. If there’s football on… that’s always a bonus! My favorite spot is the pub (other than on stage)!

Do you have any dream collaborations? Dream cities to perform in?

I would love to work with Craig David, Ed Sheeran, Ann-Marie, Swae Lee. I would love to play Wembley Stadium as I was born about a ten minute drive away, but I would play anywhere in the world given the chance.

What’s in store for the next year?

More writing and recording and we will put together a tour. Next single will be out beginning of February so stay tuned, because I have a lot more coming!

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