Photo courtesy of Chromed Facebook Page

If you’ve lived in New York for some time and consider yourself one of those people who likes to have fun, but you haven’t been to a Chromed show before, you’re not only lying to the world, but you’re lying to yourself. We refuse to stand for this anymore. As far as New York City parties go, Chromed is on its way to blowing everyone else out of the water.

Chromed NYC is a collective of friends here in the big city who personally curate hyper-detailed shows around the city. In terms of production, skill, energy, vibe, and sound, Chromed knows exactly what they’re doing. Instead of just putting on a show for crowds, they build an entire experience. From art installations to crazy, dance-inducing lights, all the way to the deepest, darkest, and funkiest of musicians, missing these parties would count as a sin in some parts of the world. They don’t just produce events, they produce experiences. And in the ever-changing, super fast-paced city that is New York, it’s an escape.

Luckily for us, we got to chat a bit with the guys behind Chromed and asked what inspires them, what makes them sick, and why these nights are so important.

The Chromed Interview

How did you guys come together to create Chromed? Where does the inspiration stem from, and why are throwing shows and parties in NYC important to you?

We had all independently been throwing parties when some mutual friends connected all of us together. We had planned on doing a one-off to start, but our first party exceeded all of our expectations. It was the perfect storm of a lot of things (literally, it was during a blizzard) and kicked off this journey as Chromed.

Inspiration really stems from going out a lot and getting together to discuss things we wish were being done. Design is a big element for us. For example, going that extra mile and spending a day to cover an entire room with chrome mylar is what gets us excited about our parties. We want to create elements that stick with people, things they wouldn’t expect.

Walk us through a typical process of throwing a party.

  1. Lockdown a venue.
  2. Book DJs we are really excited by.
  3. Bring in visual artists to collaborate with and transform the space.
  4. Get loose.

What is the one thing you hope the audience takes away from your party/the overall emotion you want people to feel during, and then leave with?

The average New Yorker week is full of fast-paced decisions, stress, and uncertainty. The environment we often find ourselves in is super structured, making individualism and self-expression a luxury. Our job is to create a space for people to retreat from this routine and facilitate a reconnecting with their true essence. Often times that moment comes when people close their eyes and lose themselves in the music. We hope what our audience feels and learns is not just for the weekend but also carries with them into their everyday lives.