Connie Diiamond

If you haven’t heard of Connie Diiamond, you clearly haven’t had your finger on the pulse of up-and-coming female rap artists. She’s been named the breakout artist to watch right now, and supported part of Azealia Banks’ tour in 2017.

Her viral success was in part response to her infamous freestyle of Drake’s “Summer Sixteen.”

Her success has seen no slowdown since that bold video with several EP releases to date and a full album in the works for 2018. Before her first ever headline show this week, she made time to talk about her progress and identity as an artist.

You’ve said the most important thing you represent is a unique flow and look that isn’t centered around being a sex symbol. What would you say is your signature? How do you differentiate yourself?

My signature is my hair. I’m always sporting a short vibrant bob. My signature is always incorporating bars about me wearing a wig, as I’m super comfortable with it, and I love my wigs, I own so many in different colors and textures.

I differentiate myself by making sure I’m always going doing the opposite of what people expect a “female rapper” would look like or say. There is a super high expectation of what a female rapper “should look” or “sound like,” I’m the total opposite and I still get people to listen.

How did you get into rapping when you were younger? Are you still a part of the Wreckhouse crew? What has that been like?

My rapping started off as poetry. When I realized how good I was, I figured I should explore a little more, and see how much I liked it.

I am still very much apart of Wreckhouse. Being a part of a group can sometimes be difficult, especially when trying to get everyone moving at the same pace, but it’s always love. We are currently working on some music as a collective group, so I’m super excited about that.

You’ve described your sound as ‘aggressive.’ Where does that aggression stem from?

My aggression stems from my passion for music. Ever since I started taking this seriously, I have been really putting my all into my music. I work sessions that sometimes end 9 AM in the morning, knowing I have to be to work by 11 AM, it kinda turned more into a hunger.

Do you have any big artistic influences? Any dream collaborations?

Big influencers for me right now would be Xxxtentacion, Migos, and Casanova. As far as “dream collaborations,” I would like to work with XXXtentacion, Jhene Aiko, Chris Brown, Sonny Digital and Metro Boomin.

What do you do when you’re not making music? Do you have any go-to spots someone needs to check out in your neighborhood?

When I’m not making music, I’m usually working – so come to my salon, book an appointment, get your hair done. I don’t have any go-to spots, but there is a spot I like in Dyckman called Mama Sushi, the food is great.

What are you most excited​ for in 2018?

Finally putting out a full length project of original work that shows my growth as a artist.

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