Culture Wars

There’s something wonderful about a band that has a signature sound right off the bat. For Austin-based trio Culture Wars, that sound is one of electro-rock, synth, and addictive swagger.

Culture Wars isn’t just a name. Through their music, Culture Wars seeks to bring people together, incite conversation, and spark a greater picture.

The trio formed from the ashes of a previous band, The Vanity, and is composed of frontman Alex DuganMic Vredenburgh on guitar and electronics, and David Grayson on drums. They released their debut self-titled EP in 2017 and are embarking on another small Texas tour this month.

We had an opportunity to speak to Alex Dugan before the tour wraps up this weekend.

How did you all meet one another and decide to start making music together?

Culture WarsWe all met as members of a previous band called The Vanity. Before that, we all met in Austin through mutual friends and started just jamming on weekends.

What are your different backgrounds in music?

Mic graduated with his masters in cello performance from [the University of Texas], however David and I are self-taught. We all three grew up in Texas being a part of bands in high school and college before this as well.

You guys have said in past interviews you’re influenced by bands that could be considered synth-pop, but you classify as electro-rock. How do the two compare for the band? Where do you fall in the two genres?

We’re rock-rooted and are inspired by electronic bands, so that’s really where the cross happens. We use our synthesizers the way a typical band would use an acoustic guitar or piano for writing and then build out from there. To answer the question directly, we’re electro-rock; the synth influences is what adds that “electro.”

Is there a band favorite on the new EP? Or does everyone like different singles?

We all gravitate towards “Lies” right off the bat, but I can say personally I gravitate more towards “Delilah” the more we play it live.

If you got a chance to soundtrack a movie, what would it be? Why?

Westworld on HBO, anything David Fincher works with, or anything that pays well 🙂

What do you do when you’re not making music or touring?

Answer emails, eat tacos, drink Austin Eastciders.

How do you discover new music? Anyone y’all can’t stop listening to right now?

For the most part through word of mouth, which I think is returning more so than playlists. Right now I’m listening to Miguel, Sir Sly, SZA, Noel Gallagher’s new record, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s new record. All were through artists I already followed or word-of-mouth.

Do you have favorite neighborhood spots?

For the most part, it’s usually a couple bars on the east side of town, however I’ve been pretty knee deep in work lately so I haven’t gotten out much.

What’s in store for 2018?

New shows, new music, SXSW, and hopefully more to come.

Interested in checking out Culture Wars on their tour of Texas? You’re in luck.

5/24 – Dallas, TX – Three Links – Tickets | Claim to Go | Contest

5/25 – Austin, TX – Stubb’s Indoors – Tickets | Claim to Go | Contest

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