For the uninitiated, pop can often be too easily dismissed as bright, Technicolor fluff. In reality though, much like any other genre, pop is simply a broad category, but the actual music is very much a reflection of the artist’s personality. For Chloe Papandrea, a rising artist from Australia, that exploration of self in pop music grew beyond herself. It grew into the alter-ego CXLOE.

The road to pop superstardom is not an easy one. No one is anointed into the upper echelons of music. For CXLOE, this meant years honing her craft, agonizing over life-changing decisions like moving to L.A., and finding the right sound, all before officially releasing even a single song.

When that first release did come out, the world was treated to a glimpse at one of pop’s future stars. Her dark, throbbing, emotional take on the genre immediately stood out among her peers and put her on the radar of the wider music loving population.

Since then, she’s been dropping more and more tracks, and bringing new admirers aboard the bandwagon every day. Although there isn’t a timeline on a full-length album yet, as long as there’s still new music, her fanbase continues to grow.

She’s attracted the notice of some of the other people in music as well. She’s set to be the main supporting artist for Maroon 5 on the Australian leg of their tour and she’s been performing with other artists like King Princess, KRANE, and more, displaying her prodigious talents to new audiences every day.

Among that whirlwind, I got a chance to speak with her a bit about her rising career, what’s coming next, and the work she still has to come.

CXLOETo many new fans, your emergence may somewhat seem like you came out of nowhere. Can you shed some light on what your journey looked like?

Yeah totally! And it would seem that way to the pubic eye, but it’s been a long time coming. Myself and my management have spent the past few years slowly working away at this project. I’ve been writing since high school and singing for as long as I can remember.

About four years ago, I started coming over to L.A., a few months at a time, and just writing in any and every session I could find. I didn’t come to my sound of dark pop just like that. I spent years of dabbling in all genres of music; folk, rub, urban, dance etc.

Just over a year ago, once I wrote my first single “Tough Love,” I finally felt that I had found my sound and was ready to start putting music out into the world. So it’s been a journey. But the hard work has just begun!

Many new artists look to move to somewhere like L.A. to help further their careers. What motivated you to make the jump? Do you think you could’ve built a career solely from Australia?

A few things motivated me to make this jump. I always had big dreams. I wanted my music to reach all corners of the earth, and for it to be as universal as possible. Growing up, living in Australia, the majority of the music and the movies you see are all coming out of the U.S. and, quite specifically, L.A. So for me, it was a no-brainer that this had to happen. I fought it for a longgg time and tried to stay in Australia because I was scared of moving.

But in saying all of this, I owe SO much to Australia. Without the support of Australia, I wouldn’t be where I am now. They championed me like you can’t imagine. All streaming services, blogs, producers and writers jumped on board without even knowing where this project was going to go. They truly did believe in me, so I owe a huge part of my success to home.

CXLOEReleasing new music is always exciting, but outside of that, what are you up to in the music industry to help further your career?

You’re right, there are so many other things outside releasing music that are exciting and so important to help further your career. I’m doing a lot of shows and festivals at the moment, and have just been announced as the main support for Maroon 5 on their Red Pill Blues tour in Australia 🙂

I’m also supporting Broods at a festival in December. I recently just performed for Spotify at their first live event in Australia, Front Left, alongside King Princess. I’m working with outlets such as V Magazine and MTV, giving people as much as an insight into my life and my music. I’m writing with lots of new writers and producers which is really exciting as my sound is developing more and more with every session.

How would you define yourself, as an artist and as a person?

As a person, I’m very emotional, complex, and have a big heart. I’m raw and honest; always feeling too much. CXLOE is an extension of myself as a person. In an exaggerated art form, she is dark, brooding, and pushes boundaries.

What’s the next step for you? Where do you want to take your career from here?

I want to keep growing and pushing boundaries as an artist and a person. I want my music to keep reaching new ears and corners of the earth. I want to take my career in a bold direction and continue exploring sounds and lyrics that are fresh and unique.

CXLOEOutside of music, what’s important to you?

Easy. My boyfriend, family, and dog. Also helping animals is a big one for me,

Any big new releases coming up for you?

Yes! My next single is all done and ready to go at the top of the new year! It’s very different to my last single, but it’s everything I want it to be.

Want to see CXLOE perform? L.A. fans are in luck, she’ll be at The Roxy Theatre on December 3rd. And keep an eye out for more performances in other cities too.

Goldenvoice presents CXLOE with Leland

Date & Time:
December 3rd, 2018 | 8 PM

The Roxy Theatre
9009 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Age Restriction:
All Ages

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