Four Over Four had the opportunity to speak with DJ and producer Florian Seftner, or as you may likely know him, Zombie Nation, ahead of his headline performance on January 7th at Webster Hall‘s weekly event, Gotham.

How did you find your way to electronic music?
I was part of a crew of friends and we organized techno warehouse parties in the mid 90s, mainly to get the chance to play records in front of an audience. Around that time I got my first sampler, an Akai MPC 2000 which I still love.

What eventually opened the door to your career?
The first record on DJ Gigolo Records was the definitive starting point. A couple of months after that record was released I was playing shows in clubs all over Europe, and I had to take the plane instead of a bicycle to get there.

What was the biggest lesson learned when “Kernkraft 400” became a global hit?
A successful song is bigger than you. It can feel like a force of nature – unpredictable and not impressed by your plans.

How does it make you feel when you see artists still playing the song 17 years later and the crowd reacting to it?
I am still amazed by it. I never expected that at all.

…and do you still receive royalties from the song since sporting events play it all the time?
Ha, unfortunately stadiums do not track individual plays. Not even Superbowl as far as I am aware. Sports events usually pay a standard fee to ASCAP which is then distributed to Justin Bieber or whoever has the most radio plays during that period.

Who would you like to collaborate with and why?
Justin Bieber, Drake or whoever has the most radio plays because you just reminded me that I need to catch up on those Royalties, hahaha.

When working on a track, how much of the production is done digitally vs analog? And what are the pros and cons in your opinion?
Hardware is my choice when I am jamming or coming up with ideas. Digital comes into play on recording, arrangement and mixing. So I would say it’s pretty much 50/50 for me. There is no clear advantage in either concept. The best instrument or tool is the one that makes you feel comfortable.

Any new music, or maybe an album drop fans can look forward to in 2017?
I have recorded a good amount of songs which I feel make more sense in an album context. I haven’t quite figured out what exactly the plan will be. But I know that I am having a great time working on new tracks right now.

Awesome. Any closing statements for our readers?
Don’t be fooled by the packaging.

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