After two decades at the forefront of electronic music, world renowned EDX‘s career seemingly speaks for itself and continues to know no bounds, becoming Spotify’s most streamed Swiss artist. While his name has become synonymous with club hits, a pulsating beat, and good times over the years, there’s more yet to come than being one of the biggest electronic artists to date.

His success has been snowballing this year with a Grammy nomination, a new remix for Chromeo and French Montana, and a new live show entitled XIRCUIT. In the midst of this successful whirlwind, EDX spoke with us briefly about all the exciting milestones occurring in his career.

Congratulations on being nominated for a Grammy for your remix of Charlie Puth, you must feel great. Can you tell us the story behind this remix?

It’s absolutely crazy and I’m so so happy. It’s been a dream of mine, and my production partner Christian, for the last ten years to get a Grammy nomination and I can’t believe it’s finally happened. I love the remix we made for Charlie Puth – it’s one of my favorite remixes – so that makes it even more special. I’m very excited for the show in a few months time.

Your newest remix for Chromeo & French Montana is out on December 14. Can you tell us a little bit about the process of what making the single was? How does making a remix differ from your regular producing process for original tracks?

I would say that making an original track requires a little more creativity, simply because you are starting with a blank canvas. For most of the remixes that I get asked to make, I’m working with existing vocals and melodies that the record is then built around, so this certainly helps you to get inspired.

I would say that you have to try and bring your own signature sound to a remix more than you do with an original, so that’s always the challenge. To be honest, I love making both.

You’ve been deep in the electronic music scene for over two decades. How has your sound evolved? Would you say it’s been difficult staying on top of trends and changes in the music scene?

It’s a blessing to be able to work in this industry, making music and traveling all over the world playing that music to my fans and meeting so many different cultures and people. When it comes to new trends, genres and developments, I’ve always tried to stay true to what I like and my signature sound, whilst still keeping it fresh and evolving every year. It’s a fine balance. I also really like to add my own fresh take on sounds and styles that were big five or ten years. Music trends are cyclical and constantly evolving so it’s cool to explore old sounds and mix those with new technology and production techniques.

Do you have any advice for someone just starting out within the industry?

I think for everybody that wants to become an artist within electronic music, it’s important to love what you do and love the music that you’re producing. Don’t just make music because there might happen to be a market for that type of music. It’s so important to be original in everything that you do and keep it really fresh. Find your own sound and do it better than anybody else does it.

Have you had a favorite show, experience, or festival? What’s the story?

I’ve played a lot of festivals over the last two decades, and I love playing festivals that I’ve never played before. I recently played a show in Guatemala where the crowd were going so crazy for the music and so many people came out with EDX banners and posters. It was like nothing I’d experienced before, so I will remember that for a long time.

Rumor has it you’re launching a brand new live performance by the end of this year. After producing for over 25 years, what’s made you decide to do a live performance? What can the audience expect?

The rumors are true! My new live show is called XIRCUIT and it will be launched at Avalon Nightclub in LA on December 15. As a DJ that went through playing with Vinyls, CDS and now USB sticks, I can see that the industry is always evolving.

The music and the overall experience is the most important thing when fans come to see their favorite artists play. It’s so important to be able to give the people that support you the best possible show, which is why I decided to create this new live show. I really want to give people the Wow factor when they come to my new shows.

Other than the new live performance, What’s in store for the next year? New music, new projects?

I’ve been releasing a lot of new club tracks this year, because I feel there hasn’t been a huge amount of inspiration going on for these types of tracks. I wanted to go back to my roots in 2018 and experiment a little bit with my early clubbing roots. Because of this, 2019 will definitely be a year where I produce more vocal inspired original singles, as well as remixes for more amazing artists. I have a new original out in January called ‘Who Cares’, which I cant wait for you all to hear!

You curate playlists of brand new music for your I Heart Radio show No Xcuses. How do you discover new music and new artists?

The NoXcuses Radio show is one of the highlights of my week. I get sent a huge amount of new music through my web page, by people on social media and also by my team, so I’m really lucky. I just try to keep the music for my radio show really fresh.