Remember the piano-rock hit called “Boston” by a San Diego band called Augustana?

The song became a huge success in 2005 when it was released as the lead single to Augustana’s album All The Stars and Boulevards. It continued to reign in popularity for years after its release as prominent shows like One Tree Hill, Scrubs, and The Big Bang Theory chose to feature the track in their forthcoming show seasons.

The band was originally founded in 2003 and released a total of four albums with the final album being self-titled. Shortly after the release of the final album in 2011, the band announced its departure from longtime record-label partner Epic Records.

By November of 2011, the band announced that they would part ways, but ended their partnership as musicians amicably. Dan Layus, the frontman of the band, stepped up with the band’s blessing and took over the Augustana name.

Dan Layus continued on as Augustana and in 2015 released a three-track EP titled Side A, with tracks like Climb, Must Be Love, and You Can Have Mine. In 2016, Layus toured with the Dixie Chicks on their DCX MMXVI World Tour.

As time went on, Layus yearned to create new music and wanted to come out with something that was raw, genuine, and most importantly personal. On a mission, Layus set out to Nashville to work on his first solo album Dangerous Things. In a conversation with The Wall Street Journal, Layus describes the process,

“I had always dreamt about recording an album over the course of just a few sessions, in the same way that many of my musical heroes did many decades ago … I wanted to capture the song in its purest and most distilled form in front of a microphone. I gave myself a few takes, playing a song on guitar or piano while singing, and if I felt that magic in the air when it was over, it was a keeper.”

And just as he dreamt he would, Layus finalized the album within a week. Dangerous Things features numerous tracks with the Secret Sisters and can be described as a blend of alt-country, country and americana.

The album dropped in late October this past year and to support his new album Layus is now on tour. As luck would have it, Dan Layus (with support from Ryan Beaver) will be performing at the Troubadour this Thursday January 19th, 2017 at 8:00 PM.

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