Alright, friends. This one is for all you crazy, hardcore bass heads out there. Meet TORRO TORRO.

T² is a bass heavy, super hyped up electronic production and DJ duo from Canada and Los Angeles. Aside from having a geometrical, aesthetically pleasing Instagram page, these guys know a thing or two about geometrics of sound and using it to turn the crowd all the way up to eleven. If having releases both on OWLSA and Mad Decent isn’t enough of a hint for you, the man the myth and the legend Skrillex himself has taken a liking to remixing T²’s already energetic productions.

You know those nights where you tell your friends, “let’s just get crazy”? These are the guys that provide the sonic element to that plan. TORRO TORRO doesn’t joke around, their music isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the down and dirty ravers, guys and girls who dance and jump around so hard they soak through their clothes. Honestly, only listen to it if you’re ready to rage because that’s all you can do when it hits your ears.

Make A Move (Single)

On their Make A Move release, they’re not the only big names who grace the tracks. Habstrakt, Mark Johns, and Star Slinger all bring their A game. The craziest part about this four-track “single” is that none of the songs sound the same, yet, they’re all based on Torro Torro’s original. It’s impressive to see how everyone mixes and molds the song into their own unique sound.

Listen to their OWSLA released “Make A Move” single and get ready to dance all night long with us.