A few years back, coming off of their first EP, a duo named Girlpool emerged onto the scene with a unique, steady, heavy, yet gentle style. Both in their songwriting and in real life, the chemistry between Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker was very apparent.

Upon listening to the band, one would immediately notice the uneasy nature of someone with adolescent life experience. Raw, honest, young feelings are seemingly present in everything they do.

A big part of the raw nature of their music was the lack of percussion on their first LP, Before the World Was Big. The more instruments a band uses could be looked at as creating space between the vocalist and a person’s ears. Not having percussion is a very raw way to live in someone’s head.


Girlpool’s latest album, Powerplant begs to differ. There’s a clear maturation on this album, and it starts with percussion. By adding a drummer, Girlpool proved that what makes them unique is not limited to their lack of a drummer. Adding a drummer only made them more dynamic.

Check out the album below:

Tracks like “Cornerstone” and “Powerplant” are songs that could not exist without a drummer. Their songs are just as raw, just as unique; they’re simply playing them a little louder than usual. Even though there is another person on stage, they are still as Girlpool as they have ever been.

Currently on tour, Girlpool is doing a string of southern US dates, spending this upcoming weekend in Texas. You can see those dates and plenty of others here.

As for this weekend, you can catch the beginning of Girlpool’s Texas run, starting in Houston:

Friday, June 16th | 8 PM
Walter’s Downtown
1120 Naylor Street
Houston, TX

Join Jukely, go to this show, and enjoy the percussion.

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