Ever find yourself craving dance music that isn’t always happy-go-lucky? Then here’s a producer you should already know: Lipless. The Grammy-nominated artist is described as “not [sitting] inside the grove of any single genre, but [dwindling] between a dark, yet feel-good, club heavy pop style.”

His newest single “Lips” showcases his trademark sound flawlessly with pulsating bass lines and euphoric synths. The song makes it feel good to be bad.

“Lips” actually happened in an experimental almost accidental way. I had always wanted to use my vocals but never gave myself the confidence to sit down and write and record something. But I finally gave it a good go and wrote the hook for ‘Lips’ in about 15 minutes.

Listen here:

Lipless has solidified himself in the past year as an up-and-coming electronic producer. He received a Grammy nomination for his remix collaboration with long-time mentor and friend Kaskade for Ry X‘s “Only.” It’ll be exciting to see where he goes from his success this year.

lipless lips single cover

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