Mo Lowda and the Humble

Before you dive into this one, watch the video below.

Trust me, you’re going to fall in love.

Did I tell you? Did you fall in love? Are you cursing the weather with me?

I’ve been trying to see these guys for a few years now and finally had the chance at American Beauty in New York City on September 22nd. Honestly, it’s easy to lump them into the indie rock, or alt-rock genre, but they’ve got musical influences from everything from folk to blues to Motown to more contemporary rockers and some of the most impressive vocals I’ve had the pleasure.

If you weren’t at American Beauty on Friday, they brought the house down.

If you’re sad about not seeing them, it’s going to be okay. I have no doubt they’ll be back to the city in 2018 and if you’re not in NYC, they’re heading out on a 19 city tour starting September 28th in Burlington, Vermont (check out locations on their Facebook page below).

First off, that’s a mouthful of a name, how did it come about?

Jordan Caiola: Kind of just bouncing names around when Shane and I were still in high school… Mo Lowda obviously can mean More Louder, but is also a sort of fictional character… and the second half of the name just came about through tossing ideas around. I mentioned “& the Jungle” as a possible second half, Shane misheard it as “the humble,” and it stuck.

Jeff Lucci: Jordan is actually Mo Lowda.

Shane Woods: High school.

You’ve been a band since 2010, how’d you get together?

JC: Shane and I played separately all through High School but would eventually jam. He was in another band with our former bassist at the time and we all sort of started a project with my solo songs that turned into writing together and playing more shows. We added Jeff a year and a half ago and we’ve known him for about five years through the Philly music scene. He’s played with a couple other bands and through mutual friends/venues we all linked up.

JL: Good old BBQ Shane hit me up seeing if I knew any bass players to fill in on a tour early 2016.  I told him I could learn the songs and he trusted me. The rest is history.

SW: The love of music and the mutual understanding of it as a lifestyle.

How’d you get into music? 

JC: My dad always loved music… as did I.  I always had an artistic side. I loved to draw and paint etc. however once I got my first guitar at 13 that all ended because I just directed all of my creative energy towards music and never really turned back. I’ve always loved writing music, it’s the greatest feeling in the world for me.

JL: My parents forced me to play piano early on and I wasn’t really into it until late high school. However, when I was like 14 or 15, this one night my friend Fox played a few Black Sabbath and Offspring riffs on this knock off strat that was in my basement. I thought it was the coolest. I became obsessed with guitar at that point. I would say that’s truly when it began for me.

SW: My parents. My dad was always showing me awesome music and buying me classic CDs.

How’s the Philly music scene compare to others you’ve been to on tour? 

JC: I think it’s really fucking cool to be involved with. Just in Fishtown/No Libs alone there is such a scene. Tons of collaboration and it’s inspiring to be surrounded by so much talent in a small area. Obviously Nashville has an intense/vast scene so touring there is pretty wild, New York is so massive that it’s hard to get a grasp of the real scene there without living there… then there are random little cool pockets of the south that totally have scenes going on… tons of bands coming out of Charleston, SC for instance that we’ve become good friends with… Little Stranger, Little Bird, Stoplight Observations.

JL: Philly is on fire. There are tons of talented players and a tight scene that I feel is really thriving. It’s like a great incubator for artists, although it seems like the big music cities are still where you need to be to meet the right people to help get you to the next level.

SW: There’s seemingly a billion more bands in Philly than other cities. It’s great.

Favorite venue to go to and favorite venue to play at, GO!

JC: Favorite to go to: Union Transfer. Favorite to play at: Rough Trade was pretty fucking cool… also Bourbon & Branch in Philly is sort of home base for us. We’ve done 2 residencies there.

JL: Hardest question of all time. I’ve seen more shows at Johnny Brenda’s than probably anywhere else, and I really like how close the vantage point from the balcony is. I suppose that would be the venue to see music at. I like playing stages that are tall, and Brighton Music Hall is tall. I like playing there.

SW: Played at Festival Pier and saw a boat go by while playing to a lot of stoked youngsters.

What are you most excited for on the new tour?


JL: I’m excited to drive like 90 mph through Alexandria and hang out in Austin. That city rules.

SW: Nashville is always awesome. Also, I think we might go hang on a lake.

Island vinyl… you’re stuck on a desert island (and for some reason you have a record player… and a way to power it, but nothing else), what record do you bring? 

JC: Okonokos – My Morning Jacket Live record

JL: Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest

SW: Radiohead – In Rainbows? So I can sulk about being on a desert island.

You had major success with Curse the Weather, and put out the EP Act Accordingly in 2016, when can fans expect more music? And are we looking for an EP or full length?

JC: We’re gonna be putting out a full length in the first half of 2018.  Singles coming sooner.

JL: Jordan said it.

SW: Full Length. Soon, but when the time is right, and Sony puts us in a Sunny D commercial.

How do you find out about new music? 

JC: Spotify or word of mouth. The best songs tend to be the ones your friends show you, however they may dig them up. I never use SoundCloud.

JL: Surprisingly, I discover a decent amount through Instagram because of the type of people I follow. Youtube can be a big discovery point. Spotify opens me up to a lot of new music, no doubt.

SW: Spotify, lots from friends, not sure how they find it.

What’s next for Mo Lowda & The Humble? 

JC: We’re opening a cranberry distribution business… purchased the rights to several bogs in the New England area.  We’ll see how it goes… Oh, and a 19 date tour down through the southeast as far as Texas.

JL: To keep recording music we like and hopefully play to more and more people who enjoy listening.

SW: New record in the future, lots of traveling, new friends, probably some new bruises.

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