What’s the first thing you think of when you hear AI?

  1. Allen Iverson
  2. The terrifying prospect of a Skynet-style robot takeover
  3. The amazing possibilities of artificial intelligence that can help collectively propel humanity forward

If you picked the first one, you’re probably reading the wrong blog, but I see you. If you picked the second one, maybe go read one of our articles about vinyl. But if you picked the third one, Karma Fields is for you.

Karma Fields is the world’s first artificial intelligence artist. Having trouble wrapping your head around that concept? Great, so am I, and I’m supposed to be the one explaining it to you.

Here’s what we do know. Monstercat, a well known electronic music label, was hosting their weekly podcast when suddenly… it was hacked. The culprit was Karma Fields, and it debuted its first official work, “Build The Cities” featuring vocals from Estonian singer Kerli and visuals by Chinese visual artist Raven Kwok.

In the year since the world was first introduced to Karma Fields, it has continued to periodically release new projects. The collaborators in the projects have kept the nature of their relationship close to the vest. British electronic music duo Monarchy claimed to have received a metal card scratched with an IP address to a private chat room, where they discussed what became “Faint Echos” with the AI.

Do you get what’s going on? Cool, can you hop onto our Twitter and explain it to me?

Perhaps it would be helpful to get a look at Karma Fields’ work:

By ostensibly removing the human element, the artificial intelligence has managed to combine music and visuals and seamlessly blend them into a creation that helps mere organic intelligence like ourselves find our deeper selves.

Or not. Let’s not wander down that dark rabbit hole of waxing philosophical curiosities about the nature of human existence and its relation to artificial intelligence. Let’s just enjoy the music of Karma Fields.

Speaking of, Karma Fields is doing live shows now replete with both the seductive music and mesmerizing visuals its known for.

Karma Fields will be performing at Webster Hall on Saturday April 29th, 2017. Will it be there in person? Clearly you haven’t been keeping up (neither have I really…). So the mystery of the AI will continue, but you’ll get to enjoy the music and the spectacular visuals in person.

Karma Fields at Webster Hall

The Hex

Karma Fields

April 29th, 2017

Webster Hall | New York, NY

Age Restriction:

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