Lil Hank isn’t just an adorable puppy, he’s also the self-proclaimed savior of EDM as we know it. Unfamiliar with this furry little producer? You shouldn’t be. We told you to follow him on Twitter months ago. We’re still not entirely sure who he is because, y’know, can dogs produce? They don’t have opposable thumbs.

Either way, he’s been dropping tracks this entire season, including a single called “dreaming about cheese” which currently has over 250,000 streams on SoundCloud.

For Lil Hank fans out there, we’ve got great news. The dog who is dedicated to saving EDM has finally released his EP EDM’s Last Hope. It’s here, it’s amazing, and it’s also helping dogs around America. That’s right—Lil Hank is a philanthropist. 50% of the proceeds from his EP are going to animal shelters in areas affected by major hurricanes this year.
Lil Hank A Young Puppo Is Born cover Lil Hank Attack of the Mean DJs cover Lil Hank EDM's Last Hope cover

Listen to the entire EP here:

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