2017 is starting off to be so, so much better than 2016. For starters, 2016 is finally dead and gone, and we can happily look forward to the unknown of the year to come. On another note, London Grammar are back. We repeat, London Grammar are back.

Everybody has a favorite group that has wowed them through the years, sparked up a dying flame, and reminded them why music is not only so important, but can be an escape from the day-to-day uncertainty of life. London Grammar are one of those bands whose music surpasses space and time.

They don’t follow genre limitations; they’re all parts vintage, contemporary, and modern. Their talent is raw, real, and entirely distinct. From Hannah’s other worldly vocal range to the ethereal fusion of their synth-work and classical music instrumentation, London Grammar creates a sound that makes your heart want to burst into tears.

After releasing If You Wait in 2014, and touring Europe and North America, they took the world by storm, then took a bit of a hiatus. And with that hiatus, they put the music world on panic mode.

Panic no longer, friends. At the beginning of this promising year of 2017, London Grammar dropped a new track titled “Rooting For You”, in both a radio version and a chill-inducing a cappella version.

Check out their a cappella and live orchestra version below, and let all the tears out.

Happy New Year, guys, they’re back. We can now anticipate more releases and a possible new album on the horizon.

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