Lucius, a Los Angeles-based indie and synth-pop quartet, have been making some killer blog worthy waves ever since they released their first album in 2014.

Wildewoman (2014)

Over the course of 2015/16, they released a couple of singles that launched them to the tops of the anticipated album charts across the internet, and into the hearts of many. Lucius is a contemporary-retro band whose lead singers, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, sing so perfectly in tandem with each other, the amplification of harmonies will send chills throughout your body.

They deliver their strongly emotional songs in a colorful wrapping tied with the prettiest of bows, all sung with strong, wide-ranging octaves. The poppy, synth-driven instruments are candy-coated masterpieces that include groovy, ’60s inspired keyboard, and wildly exciting guitar chords. Lucius is just as aesthetically geometrical as they are wonderful to listen to.

Good Grief (2016)

With 2016’s Good Grief, they solidified their sound while at the same time experimenting across an interesting synth landscape. With sounds coming from disco-era to contemporary to almost avant-garde experimental. The extended edition of the album bumps it up to 17 tracks and really lets fans dive in.

Live, many viewers will fall in love with their colorfully loud, always-matching wardrobes, and even the way they stand on the stage. They are the most particular designer’s favorite daydream.

Nudes (2018)

Their newest album, Nudes, brings an incredible acoustic view of their back catalog including reimagined songs as well as few covers. This is the perfect record to give their fans some new music while introducing their sound to a whole new generation.

If they keep up the same speed in writing and producing, we’ll be looking for something new in 2020! Time will tell.