Atlanta is one of those cities that has so much going on, yet somehow it stays so underground that when you finally find out about it, you feel like the coolest person in the world. From their massive range of venues, the outpouring of talent, to the incredible variety of food they have (burger joints, vegan alternatives, steak houses, hole in the wall pizza places), one thing thing that will always stick out are its artists.

From underground rap to anarchist punk, to emo scene-pop and blues soul, Atlanta is a pure mecca of all things musical. Our most recent musical stumble-upon is the up and coming collective known as Gysp$y Thug. Their sound is a true conglomeration of hip-hop, soul, blues, and groove, which basically reads as; these guys are dripping with the cool factor. Albeit their name may give off a different expectation, one expectation that does ring true is that they carry a true gypsy-like element throughout their music.

Gyp$y Thug sound like Eminem took a Xanax and started recording his rhymes on the beaches of Jamaica. They’re a smooth, rap-infused soul train that took a ride back in time, picked up passengers from the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s, stuck them in a car together, and forced them to create music.