MELVV is just like any other Midwestern boy. He likes his naps, photography, and of course, indie rock. He’s recently toured with Whethan and played Coachella and is quickly rising in popularity.

We got an opportunity to interview him in our Brooklyn office, and you get the chance to see him perform on his upcoming fall tour after his appearance at Elements Art & Music Festival this weekend.

MELVV tour poster

Growing up in Milwaukee, what was the music scene like?

It was alright. There weren’t that many venues. I was mildly isolated doing electronic music because nobody was going that stuff aside from Haywyre. There was Bon Iver, which was way western Wisconsin, but his scene was entirely different than mine.

What did you listen to?

A lot of indie rock and indie pop — I guess a bunch of different stuff. Then I found Daft Punk, and I freaked out. That was the first time I ever heard electronic music, and it changed my life for sure. Alive 2007.

When did you first decide to start producing music?

After I saw Alive 2007. I saw the pyramid set up and just knew it was what I wanted to do, so I begged my parents for production software.

What’s the best party you’ve played so far?

Coachella last year for sure. It was amazing.

Top three cities you’d like to play in the world and why? 

Tokyo, Japan would be amazing. It just looks like an amazing city, and so aesthetically pleasing from every photo I’ve seen. The other two? Probably just places that I don’t even know exist just because it’s amazing that music can reach places I could never think of.

What’s a typical day in the life like for you?

It varies heavily. It’s never consistent. I never know where I’m going. Well, my manager is nice enough to send me lots of schedules. Random meetings, random interviews, random studio sessions, shows everywhere.

Any hobbies that you’ve recently started?

Photography, for sure. My girlfriend’s gotten me into it.

If you were to start a collaborative project with a fellow producer, who would you pick?

I like Cashmere Cat out of anybody.

In 2016, you released a massive flip of Flume’s “Wallfuck.” Can we expect any flips this year? If you had to flip any song right now, what would you pick? 

I’ll probably do more flips. I’m not sure what they’ll be of. I really don’t know what I would remix right now, probably anything with amazing vocals.

Tell us a little bit about your most recent single “Lifeline.” What was the inspiration behind it? How did the collaboration with Dana Williams come together? 

That was through Royalty Music Publishing, her publisher. My management is friends with them and plugged a session. She is really dope, so fun to work with. I came in with half an instrumental and we co-wrote the vocals and instrumentals together. It was a great experience.

Earlier this year you went on tour with Whethan on the Savage tour. What did you learn from that tour? Best and weirdest experience?

That tour was a lot of fun. He’s one of my good friends because we both come from the Midwest. I would always go down to Chicago and hang out with him beforehand. This was the first time I really toured with a friend who I really knew beforehand, aside from Louis the Child, of course.

Best and weirdest experience? Um, actually, the Chicago show was kind of interesting. He’s from there; he’s super young — maybe 17? 18? (Sorry, Ethan). His high school bought 150 tickets out of the 500. It sold out really quickly, but because his high school had so many tickets, it was all his friends decked out. They occupied all the front rows. It was quite a different vibe. Is this a high school dance? [laughs] It was really dope regardless.

Do you have any pre-show rituals? 

Not really. I take a lot of naps… so, I guess that’s the closest. Just naps. Well, recently, I just did a few shows and accidentally woke up 20 minutes before my set, still at my hotel. Whoops.


Not really. I’m an all or nothing type of person, in terms of that. I’ll either go, meet a bunch of people, and party ’til 8 AM, or I’ll just go and pass out.

What’s in tour for 2017? New tours? New music?

Definitely new tours, definitely new music. I have a ton of stuff piled up, we’re just figuring out the best way to release it.


Wanna see MELVV this weekend? Check him out at Elements.

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