French artist POPOF, the founder and head of FORM music as well as techno hit maker, has released yet another EP ‘Kronic’ on Kaluki Music. The EP reflects the work from an expert producer at the very top of his game, releasing two singles perfectly described as sonic landscapes.

With several critically acclaimed releases under his belt from last year, including releases with Adam Beyer and Nicole Moudaber, things seem to keep blowing up wherever POPOF’s involved. We had a chance to speak with him a little bit about his success and future plans.

Congrats on your brand new EP ‘Kronic’! Can you tell us a little bit about the new work and what it was like making it?

Thank you guys! Well, I think the main concept about ‘Kronic’ is that it’s definitely aimed at the dancefloor. I had a great time working on it, and I think it’s reflected by the music: bouncy, dancey … In one word, fun.

As a French techno icon, how would you describe your sound? Would you say you’ve had big influences one way or another?

To answer your question I think the specificity of my sound is that I don’t have one. From the hardcore stuff I used to do with Heretik System in the early 2000 to the minimal sound i did around 2010, to my housey album “Love Somebody” (Hot Creations/2015) , to my more recent Acid-oriented stuff on Nicole Moudaber’s, well … It’s quite varied as you can see.

It’s partly due to my musical influences, to answer your question in full, as I come from a rich and diverse musical environment. I play a bunch of instruments and I’m a huge Jazz and Hip-Hop fan so at some point I get bored sticking to the same music genre. Variety is more fun for me.

How did you first get into music? Did you know it was something you always wanted to do?

My late father was a professional musician, and music runs in the family so I was into music straight away!

To my poor mother’s despair yes, I’ve always wanted to be a musician, never paid much attention in class. Mind you, she’s proud of me now !

You also run a label, FORM Music. How did you start that? What’s the goal of the label as a whole? Can you tell us a little bit about how that works as a label owner and an artist yourself?

I started Form Music back in 2009. I wanted to promote diversity, in terms of sounds, and to use my label as a sort of platform of up-and-coming talents – but not only. The purpose was to basically release cool stuff the team and I liked; it did not matter if it were an unknown artist, or someone with a musical background.

As an artist, it was also about having the freedom to release myself whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

How do you discover artists you’d like on FORM? How do you discover artists you want to collaborate with as a musician?

Everyone is welcome to send us demos by email so we have plenty material sent this way. Sometimes, it’s also matter of becoming friends with fellow artists and exchanging ideas on the Internet, thus resulting in an EP. And finally, there are established artists I’ve been friends with for ages, like Julian Jeweil.

Any new releases we should keep our eyes peeled for?

Our Reformers Various Artists Vol.2 exclusive vinyl edition featuring UMEK, The Reaktivitz, Apollo 84 – Metodi Hristov Remix and myself is now available, and French rising talent Karden’s “Racing the Moon” EP is out very soon.

There’s a bunch of really cool stuff coming up, but I can’t really tell you more for now. 

What are your goals for 2019? Do you have any plans for touring?

My goals for 2019 are quite simple: to keep enjoying what I do! Meaning, to keep playing everywhere around the world, to develop Form Music and to work in the studio as much as I can.

Anything else you’d like to include? 

I would like to thank you very much for your time.