San Fermin, the brainchild of Brooklyn-based classically trained producer and composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone, is a deliciously brilliant fusion band. You can find them blending contemporary-classical sounds with stylistically new, baroque chamber-pop. Operatic fused pop vocals are included, provided by Allen Tate, and the women of synth-pop favorites Lucius.

The group is a breath of fresh air from a land you didn’t realize was so important to your well-being. They produce a very intelligent, mature, well-rounded sound with elements of all shapes and sizes. It sounds as if every song on both albums, their first self-titled San Fermin and Jackrabbit, with vocals provided by Charlene Kaye this time, as opposed to Lucius, is a music lesson you weren’t aware you needed. A bridge between Owen Pallet / Final Fantasy-like violin strings and deep, baritone vocals paired with wide-ranging soprano vocals as well.

Their newest album, Belong, brings an even sharper focus into the already skilled chamber-pop from the first two records. The two lead singers, Kaye and Tate, are the perfect balance of deep and angelic throughout the 13 tracks. The whole album feels like a warm summer breeze that engulfs your whole body.

It’s music that makes you simultaneously sad and happy, crying for whatever reason. They’re like a futuristic retro chamber band. San Fermin could easily double as a cinematic masterpiece for a range of films or one to score your own life. They’re a tough band to pick apart, it’s better if you see and hear them in the flesh to feel all of the emotions and happiness yourself.