Definition: Of or like a ghost.
Synonyms: ghostly, phantom, wraithlike, shadowy, incorporeal, disembodied, unearthly, otherworldly; informal spooky.

I listen to a lot of bands every day. We’re talking 50+. Some you know, most you don’t, but every once in a while I listen to a song and it knocks me on my ass. This is one of those bands. And, as you can see above from the synonyms section, they are definitely unearthly and otherworldly.

Do I wish they had vocals? No question about it. Do they need them. Not even a little bit.

You can’t listen to this band without thinking about describing them as epic. I’d almost compare them to Trans-Siberian Orchestra, except darker and dare I say more complex? If you’re familiar with another instrumental band, City of the Sun, they would be a good comparison if you’re looking for something harder but with the same level of guitar work.

Spectral album cover

On their newest track, “The Sun and the Moon,” released March 3rd, they’ve got a slow build up that feels almost ethereal. Calming drums, guitars building up until they tear everything down at about the :50 second mark. With the technically difficult riffs and heavy backbone, they remind me a lot of Coheed and Cambria without vocals.

Listen to their first EP released back in June of 2016 here. Let them take you on a journey through some of the best, grooviest progressive metal out today. For me, it doesn’t get better than that first track, “Orbit.” Then check them out at Lee’s Palace in Toronto on April 14thAnother Spectral album cover

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