Emotional evocation from sound is one of the many, many gifts music can give us. And though all humans are created equal, our range of experiencing enlightenment through rhythm and beats range greatly (though some of us may not want to admit it). But for those who find themselves covered in chills due to some ambient electronic glitch — Thriftworks is for you, it’s practically calling out your name.

Creating a sonic bridge between glitch, dub, and a melody is tough to do, and even tougher to do well. Evoking emotion from an audience is harder still. Then again, when it’s done in just the right way, we think you’ll agree that it can take the listener from simply hearing a track, to experiencing it.

Who is Thriftworks?

The moniker of one Jake Atlas: a young, Berkeley-based glitch-hop producer, DJ, and mastermind whose star is just on the rise. His music ranges from atmospheric daydreams floating through the galaxy, to what raves would sound like if Mario and Luigi decided to throw down in Bowser’s Castle. His sound is one part jam, one part deep, groove-infused dub, and all parts brilliant.

Atlas has been producing music since he was 16 and has been releasing it to critical and fan acclaim for the better part of a decade. Give a listen to “Monkey On My Back” – a commonly cited fan favorite of Thriftworks devotees – and we think you’ll see what we mean.

For a trip down the rabbit hole of supersonic glitch-hop catch the master glitcher at work in his favorite element… live on stage.