Here’s a quick crash course on SEO for musicians: if you Google your band name (incognito mode please) and you’re the first thing that pops up, that’s good. If you have to scroll through a page or two to find yourself, that’s bad.

Tigers Are Bad For Horses, intentionally or not, will never have an SEO problem. But the duo is much, much more than their attention grabbing name.

Tigers Are Bad For Horses

Lyell Roeder and Mary Ellen Funke met in 2012 at Georgetown University. Both were interested in music and dabbling in their respective genres, rock for Roeder, and folk for Funke. When Roeder was recording a rock album in the studio, Funke’s distinct vocals caught his attention, and he asked her to record some background vocals for his album.

That initial collaboration has since blossomed into a full partnership, which officially debuted in 2014 with the name Tigers Are Bad For Horses, and a fully formed sound.

Their music can be described as electronica and alt-pop, but you can also hear the undertones of their original genres of choice, as well as the jazzy sound that is the undercurrent to much of DC’s local music scene.

Or you could just decide for yourself:

So far, the duo has recorded a number of singles as well as a self-titled EP (well sort of, it’s called TABFH, which is an acronym for the distinct but wordy band name). There are plans for a full length LP, but nothing definitive yet.

Hopefully, more music will be forthcoming from this band. And when it does, you know it won’t be hard to find.