Canadian musician Andy Shauf is first and foremost a storyteller. The tales weaved throughout his music are intimate and it’s almost possible to feel as if you know Andy personally after listening to a few of his songs. Not all of his music is happy, but his haunting tunes accurately reflect the fact that much of life can be melancholic. Even when the instrumentation on his excellent The Bearer of Bad News becomes more upbeat, the lyrics remain woeful, providing an interesting juxtaposition.

Shauf’s most recent full-length, The Party, is a beautiful collection of fly-on-the-wall perspective vignettes from a social gathering. You might not think his dreary style of music would lend itself well to the setting of a party, but the painstaking effort Shauf puts into describing his observations is mesmerizing. This detail makes it easy to empathize with all the various partygoers. By the time the album winds down, you really feel like you were at The Party.

Now more than ever, Shauf needs the support of his fans. After the Atlanta stop on his current tour, much of his gear and merchandise was stolen and has yet to be recovered. Raising over $16,000 in just two days on GoFundMe, the tour is resuming with hopes of recouping the remainder of the cost of the stolen gear.

In support, Australian singer and songwriter Julia Jacklin will open the show. Citing Britney Spears as her first musical inspiration, one might take that and form some preconceived notion of what her music would sound like. However, Jacklin’s music couldn’t be further from the radio-pop that propelled Spears to stardom. Jacklin’s debut album, is a nuanced exercise in indie and folk music with her distinctive voice the work’s centerpiece. 

Andy Shauf w/ Julia Jacklin

Date & Time:
May 16th, 2017 | 7:30 PM

Union Transfer
1026 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19123


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