Electric Zoo is right around the corner, and there’s no better way to get excited than to get to know the artists who are performing at such a huge festival.

We had a chance to interview the Finnish DJ and producer Yotto, who has proved to be a force to be reckoned within his genre. He played E-Zoo in 2016, and he’s coming back bigger and better than ever in 2017.

What spurred your interest in music? Did you always want to be a producer? If you didn’t… what was your childhood dream job?

I have been told that I once said I was going to be a robber and then turn into a ladybug. Not sure why.
My dream is to open a small bar in a tiny Italian town when I’m 50 and live out the rest of my days there.

What’s it like being a part of the Anjuna family? Would you say you collaborate with other artists on the label often?

The whole Anjunadeep family is a great crew of music lovers, we see each other quite often at all the events so it’s pretty tight.

I personally don’t collaborate that much on the release front, but we do send each other new music and ideas constantly.

Yotto performing

You’ve said in previous interviews your EP was inspired a lot by Twin Peaks… Would you say you have a current favorite show or new media that influences your music now?

Current shows… Can’t go wrong with Game of Thrones or Archer. Also Twin Peaks is back! Those are not big influences though. That comes more or less from the non-clubby music I listen to and the calm nature back home, that’s my sanctuary.

What do you do in your down time when you’re not touring or making music?

I try to do as many sports as I can, which is challenging to keep up. Mostly I hang with the family and friends and spend time with my dog.

Favorite city you’ve visited and why?

Impossible question! [laughs] So many great ones — a recent favorite is Reykjavik with incredible restaurants and such dramatic and spacey surroundings.

Any Finnish up-and-comers you can’t stop listening to?

Tontario and Roisto are dope.

You’ve played huge festivals like Electric Forest and Tomorrowland, and your second time playing Electric Zoo is coming up. Do you have a favorite? How’s playing a festival different than a club show?

Definitely liked Electric Zoo a lot last year! Again so many good ones I can’t really pick one. Spring Awakenings in Chicago was fun.

I love festivals because you can smash a bit more intense set than in a club environment. This year, I think E-Zoo will have a few longer sets, so that is great. Gives you more room to build the drama in your set.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen or experienced at a festival?

Not actually at a festival but on the way back from a festival in India the driver got lost and we ended up on a pitch-black road in the middle of nowhere and suddenly got pulled off the road by these aggressive bikers. In the end, it turned out he’d accidentally driven us to a restricted military zone. Got out in one piece!

What’s your “E-Zoo animal?”

A frog.

What’s in store for after E-Zoo? New Music? Touring?

Yes! There will be a lot of new music coming in the next couple of months. I will be on tour in the US for most of September and I’m really looking forward to it. I have a great combination of festivals and clubs with the big flagship ABGT event at The Gorge, which will be beautiful.

Don’t miss E-Zoo! There’s still time to get tickets here!


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