We’re not talking about the worst people or the best people, just all of the people at concerts you meet… as a dog. Some of these people will be your gig buddy for life and some will just smell like the best Kibbles you’ve ever smelled.


The 10 people at concerts you meet…
as a dog.

1. Pupper McPuppersons

You head to the show as a full-fledged adult, and when you walk in, you slowly realize that there are a lot of youths in the crowd. Your tastes have changed. And without realizing it, you now like the music of a different generation. The show you’re at isn’t something that your old dogs are joining you for, but you’re there nonetheless, and you’re enjoying the hell out of yourself. You don’t need your dogs for this one. You’re ready to rage.

2. Two Legger McSpots

The music hits your ears from down the block. When you walk up and you join the pack of dancers, they are there to dance. Normally, you might not find yourself in this crowd, but there’s something about the music that speaks to you. It says, “Stand up,” you stand up. It says “Shake,” you shake. It says “Speak,” well, you get the idea. It’s time to move, and you’ll do whatever the band tells you to on that dance floor.

3. Magic Water McHosers

No judgement here. But some people at concerts are there to drink. And you’ve got three options with them. You can join’em. You can leave’em. Or you can drink from the hose responsibly. But until you get there, you’ll never know which it’s going to be, or if they’ll pull the trigger on that magical, green-tubed rubber snake.

4. Fitters McSitters

Some venues don’t have seating. But these fancy folk find the seats and if it fits, they sits. Nothing wrong with that. And a lot of the time, if there’s room, these are the same people at concerts who will ask you to sit with them. Which you do because you’re a good dog and you enjoy a comfy seat, or a not-comfy seat, any seat really.

5. Eyesers Closing McFaceplants

These are the people at concerts who are super tired, but they’re still there. These impressive people pushed their way through the heavy eyelids and went to the show, even though their eyes are closing and they’re super sleepy. If you bring them to a show, be warned that as soon as it’s over they’re going to pass out hard. Either that or they’ll get a second wind and will leave you in the dust. Time will tell.


6. Photo McHounderchucks

“TAKE OUR PICTURE!” is often heard from these people at concerts and there’s nothing wrong with that. They know they’re cute, you know they’re cute, and all of their Insta-followers know they’re cute. Photo McHounderchucks are the reason that we have the term FOMO. And at the end of the day, you wanna be in that photo with them.

7. Muzik McSingALongs

If it’s air drums, air guitar, air… singing, whatever the case, they are the people at concerts who should be in the band. Well, maybe not in the band, but they are excited about the band and know all the songs that the band has ever done, ever. If these people are given the chance to compete at a lip sync battle, they will destroy all competition. If they need help, peanut butter on the roof of their mouth will make it look like they’re singing.

8. Confused McWhoDisBands

They do not know the band that’s playing, or the band that’s playing next, or the main band. But you know what? They’re excited to be there anyway. And while these people at concerts may ask a lot of questions about what’s going on, who the band is, or what the song is about, we must remember that they’ve come to the show! They’re taking the first step and that’s important.

9. Mosh McPitters

We can hope that if you see one of these rare species, you’re at a hardcore show, a punk show, or something that requires their skill. They’re the people at concerts who want to get rowdy and mosh as hard as possible in that pit. Some refer to it as dancing, others think that it’s the scariest part of the venue. But however you look at it, dogs can get down.

10. PackItUp McPackItIn

Welcome to the pack, my friend. A lot of people at concerts only go if they’re in a group. It’s the opposite of the lone wolf. There’s nothing like a pack of people who all love the same music and join forces to rock out, soul out, or whatever kind of music they’re there to see. Once you join a pack, it’s for life, or until the band breaks up.

11. Also, this McCat

‘Cause, I mean… look how dope that cat is.

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