11 people you’ll meet over Spring Break

So you decided to “do” Spring Break. You’re going to head to the beach, spend money, and have the time of your life – just like you saw in every single Spring Break movie and TV show.

Anyways, prepare yourself to find some real characters. These are the 11 people you will definitely meet over Spring Break.

11 people you’ll meet over Spring Break

1) The life of the party

Spring Break's life of the party

This person is the engine that drives Spring Break’s glorious reputation. They’re always pushing the next shot and the next party – because this will be the greatest Spring Break ever.

They’re also most likely going to be a mess at some point. Whoops.

2) The couple

Spring Break's couple

They’re together and they’re in love. And they’re going to be all over each other and only each other all week. They’re in their own bubble. And they will act like no one else is around. Even though there are a lot of people around…

Why did they even come out? They could’ve done their thing literally anywhere. Like at home.

3) The underage kid

Spring Break's underage kid

This person had no idea what they were getting themselves into and they cannot handle it. Whether they’re a first-timer, a high schooler who snuck out, or just a really sheltered person, they’re out there making everyone else feel old (but also superior).

4) The glory days gang

Spring break's glory days gang

These guys are the opposite of the underage kid. They’ve been doing Spring Break for the past 30 years and damnit if they’re going to stop just because everyone else their age did.

Just hope that your glory days gang is cool and not creepy. They come in many flavors.

5) The veteran

Spring break's veteran MIAMI BEACH- MARCH 14: Megan Jump (L) and Jenna Haring ,on spring break from Ball State University, use a funnel to drink beer March 14, 2007 on South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida. Students from universities and colleges around the country are attending spring break which ranges from the end of February to mid-April. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

This person has been to Spring Break before and they know what they’re doing. They know how to get prepped for a long day of drinking and partying, they’re smart enough to put sunscreen on, and they know which spots to hit up at night.

Follow their sage advice and you’ll be fine.

6) The person who’s “over it”

Spring break's person who's "over it"

This person is similar to the veteran, but instead of being helpful, their detached air of superiority and disdain for everybody is off-putting. Why did you even come if you’re just going to complain?

7) The work-a-holic

Spring break's work-a-holic

Here’s someone else that really shouldn’t have come. Their friends pushed and pressured them until they finally gave in, but they really need to get this thing done by the end of the week. Do you know if that tiki bar has wi-fi?

8) The freeloader

Spring break's freeloader

A big Spring Break trip is usually an expensive prospect. Not so for the freeloader. This leech will take every opportunity possible to not pay for anything. Whether it’s a carpool where they don’t pay for gas, a crashed party (or twelve), or a random couch to sleep on, this person is not someone you want to get too attached to.

9) The hero

Spring break's hero

Believe it or not, not everybody at Spring Break makes smart, responsible choices all the time. This person is here to help clean up those messes. They’re the one making sure you drink water, get home safe, and have an Advil for that wicked hangover the next morning.

10) The locals

Spring break's locals

Every single year, Spring Break takes over their town for a month or so. It turns out these guys are here for the other 11 months as well. Some of them are happy to have the party and will join in. The vast majority hate your guts and wish you’d just go away.

Try and be nice to them. They’re good people who are suffering you lot.

11) The people who know what they’re doing

Spring break's people who know what they're doing

Let’s face it, the classic Spring Break is not for everybody. In fact, considering the media saturation, you might be surprised to find that most people aren’t doing that kind of Spring Break. If it’s really what you’re into, then go for it! But you can also use your time off to just do some regular traveling, some relaxing, or even explore your own city a bit.

So I guess the people who know what they’re doing are the ones you won’t meet over Spring Break. Or, if you’re one of them, they’re the only people you’ll meet this Spring Break.

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