concert preparation

Did I scare you with the news that festival season is right around the corner? Well, I know for those of you who are super organized, you saw this coming way before I did. Unfortunately, we can’t all be that skilled, so here at Four Over Four we made a little quiz for you to figure out the best way to stay prepared during concert season this spring.

Just answer the questions, tally your points, and find your concert planning category!

1. I like to make my weekend plans by Monday at the latest.

  • Not true. (1 pt)
  • Somewhat true. (2 pt)
  • Very true. (3 pt)

2. What does “I’m five minutes away” mean?

  • Actually 5 mins away. (3 pt)
  • Just leaving but definitely on the way. (2 pt)
  • Just got out of bed and am about to shower. (1 pt)

3. When do you like to show up at the venue?

  • Doors open, just in case. (3 pt)
  • In time for most of the opener. (2 pt)
  • Hopefully I actually catch the show! The pregame went long. (1 pt)

4. What do you like to use for weekly planning?

  • A reliable system that has many redundancies: on my phone, in my weekly planner, on the fridge… (3 pt)
  • I make sure I keep my phone up to date with most of my appointments. (2 pt)
  • Ehhh, it’s in my texts somewhere… (1 pt)


Add up your total points from each question. Click here for 0-4 points, here for 5-8, and here for 9 or more.

Check your results!

The Impulse Buyer (0-4 points):

The Impulse Buyer

Who you are: You’re the friend who is down to do anything whenever, wherever. You often times find yourself being excited by the thrill of riding by the seat of your pants, and enjoy the no strings attached lifestyle that comes with it. Sometimes you’re seen as unreliable, but hey, that’s part of the quirky package.

The upside? You’re always stumbling into new adventures! The downside? Sometimes your plans don’t work out, or you miss attending something you really would have loved if you had planned ahead a little bit.

How to plan: Don’t change who you are, in essence, but make sure things that should take a priority actually do. If your favorite artist is coming into town, or your friend’s birthday is coming up, or you have an appointment you need to make—make sure you are cognizant of your commitments moving forward, and save the spontaneity for when you’re free to do as you please!

The Moderate (5-8 points):

The Moderate

Who you are: While you can be convinced to do something day of, or plan something months in advance, you don’t really swing one way or the other when it comes to your datebook. Your style is less with “go with the flow” than the Impulse Buyer, but you still offer more leeway than the Planner Extraordinaire.

How to plan: Instead of being upset you’re neither spontaneous or great at planning, embrace the positives of both. Work on living in the moment and saying yes to impulse choices (like going to a show tonight!). But also try to take all the positives of planning ahead a bit.

You won’t miss out on shows you’d love like the Impulse Buyer, but tickets to your favorite artist may sell out. Why not work on being even more organized? Jukely Extended was made for you.

The Planner Extraordinaire (9-12 points):

The Planner Extraordinaire

Who you are: People expect you to make the plans for the group, and organize the meeting time for everyone. You’re never the person someone calls last minute asking, “Did you get tickets?” because you’re the person who was logged on to the venue’s website at least 30 minutes before the sale went live.

While you may be viewed as the party pooper because you won’t jump up at any opportunity, half your friend group hangouts wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for you.

How to plan: You don’t need tips on planning! You probably need tips on how to loosen up a bit and embrace the here and now. Time to meet an Impulse Buyer and become the most fun duo in your city.

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