best parts about live music

Everything about live music is awesome, but hear me out. I’m picking the top five best things about live music. These are the five things you’re really out there for, the absolute best parts about live music. Everything else is just gravy.

The five best parts about live music

5) Openers

best parts about live music

These glorious people are the backbone of the industry. Ninety-five percent of the time you head to a show for the headliner, but then you find a brand new glorious band to fall in love with before they hit the stage. There are not many things better than leaving a show with new bands to listen to as soon as you get back in your car or home.

4) Pre/Post Show

Exploration is another awesome part about going to see live music. Before or after the show you get to see more of your city, or of whatever city the show is in. Never miss out on the chance to grab some grub at a local hot spot or grab some drinks at the dive bar before heading back home.

3) Venues

best parts about live music

Where you’re going is almost as important as who you’re going to see. I’ve been in some of the most massive venues in the country and every single venue has its own sound, vibe, and history.

Think about the differences you have at every venue. Some you love for the acoustics, others for their intimacy, and others just because they bring in the best bands. No matter how you look at it, they all have a pulse that’s set by the tunes created behind their walls.

2) Friends

best parts about live music

Is there anything better than connecting with someone over your favorite music? Think about how many bands you’ve listened to because of a friend’s recommendation.

And when you’re both in love with a band and seeing them in person, you’re connected on a whole other level. Also, think about how many times have you made new friends at the show. A friendship built on music is a lifelong gift.

1) Live Music!

The best part about any live music is the music itself. You can jam all you want at home to a CD or a stream, but when you actually get to see the musician in their element on stage, it’s another world. You no longer just hear the music, you feel it.

Did I miss anything? What’re best parts about live music to you? Give us a shout on Twitter and let us know!