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Life in a city is expensive. Whether you’re going out, or just hanging with friends, your money tends to disappear faster than you’d like it to. Budgeting for fun is hard, especially in pricy cities like L.A. and New York.

At Four Over Four, we understand how expensive it can be to have a good time. Fortunately, we care. So we’ve assembled something we hope will help out.

Suppose you find an extra $25 lying around. You’re looking to have the best time possible, but you only have that much to spend. Here are five things you can buy with $25, ranked from worst to best.

5. CDs

Yes, you can still buy them. $25 will get you about two and a half new CDs. Massive retailers like Amazon and Walmart continue selling the aging format, which means there’s still a sizable demand. To be fair, the sound quality of CDs is much better than that of MP3s.

But still . . . CDs?! Do CD players still exist? In 2018, most people prefer streaming services or go further back, to vinyl. Spotify and Apple Music may cut down on audio quality, but they offer a massive selection that’s tough to beat. Vinyl gives the audio snob that unmatched, vintage warmth he or she craves. Unless you’re banking on CD prices skyrocketing some day due to collectible value, there are probably better ways to spend $25.

CDs what can $25 buy you

4. Sweetgreen salads

At the notoriously pricy Sweetgreen, $25 could get you 2.5. kale Caesar salads. That includes kale, romaine, tomatoes, chicken, dressing, and various garnishes. Of course, only a few of those dollars pay for the actual ingredients. Most of your money goes toward the satisfaction of eating at such a young, hip, community-minded establishment.

It might be a better option to just crumple up your dollar bills and toss them with Caesar dressing. Still, spending $25 on Sweetgreen is probably better than spending it on CDs. But there are better alternatives.

sweetgreen healthy salads trendy

3. Cocktails at a downtown NYC club

At many clubs in expensive cities, a well drink will run you about $12. So if you hand $25 to your bartender, and he/she would hand you back about two gin & tonics. Remember, you’re paying for a lot more than the alcohol. Your cash is going toward the sights, sounds, and space of whichever club you’re partying at. (Also, don’t forget to tip your bartender.)

Is it worth it or not? $12 a cocktail is a lot. Still, it’ll loosen the nerves, and make for a good time at the club. If you’re trying to have fun, it’s probably more worth it than a couple of salads.

gin & tonic expensive drinks clubs

2. SoulCycle

SoulCycle might have the biggest cult following of any exercise class in America. Because it’s so much more than exercise class. What can $25 get you here? With a 45 minute class coming in at $34, it’ll get you about 3/4 of a session. And that’s only if you already have your own bike shoes and water.

Is it worth it? Sure, you’ll get to listen to some solid music. You’ll burn some calories as you spin along to it. An attractive stranger will shout motivational quotes at your face for a while. Definitely pricy, but not bad. If only there were a cheaper way to listen to solid music, move around, and have a good time. Oh wait…

soul cycle loud music motivation

1. Jukely

Welcome to Jukely. For only $25, you get a month of daily guestlist access to hundreds of top concerts, parties, and DJ sets across 16 cities. This means a different show every week, where you’ll meet new people, discover new artists, and explore new venues. What could be more satisfying than walking straight up to the venue and just saying, “I’m on the list?” Jukely is trendy like Sweetgreen, it’s energizing like SoulCycle, and it’s fun like a cocktail. Oh, and it’s here to stay, unlike a CD.

We gave our ranking, but it’s really up to you. Which of these do you think is the best way to spend $25? Let us know on Twitter.

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