If you’re a human being, then you’re probably starving after going to a show in Miami Beach, but look: don’t settle for drive-thru from the back of your Uber Lyft. There’s a better way.

We’ve prepped a cheatsheet of can’t-miss, open-late restaurants with food that won’t let you down no matter how late you’re out.

K Ramen. Burger. Beer.

Located beneath Townhouse Hotel, this underground molecular gastropub is hipster AF, but give it a chance: the menu covers a range of Japanese-inspired favorites like ramen, poke, and handrolls. Oh, and burgers.
photo from K Ramen. Burger. Beer
Eat: K Burger (pictured)
Drink: Sake bomb
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Pizza Bar

The slogan says it all: Size Does Matter. Pizza Bar serves up their world famous XL slices and pies until 4 AM. Giant pizza, what else do you need to hear?
photo from Pizza Bar
Eat: All The Way pizza
Drink: Frozen slushie
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Moshi Moshi

Whether you want the classics or something innovative and new, Moshi Moshi is open until 5 AM, serving up sushi, sake, and small plates. Within stagger distance of Trade, Kill Your Idol, and other Miami venues.
photo from Yelp
Eat: Miami B roll
Drink: Miso soup (it’s that good)
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Cheeseburger Baby

South Beach’s oldest burger joint, featuring a classic 50s Miami ambience and open until 5 AM.
Cheeseburger Baby
Eat: Chili cheese fries (pictured)
Drink: Soda in a classic glass bottle
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Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company

A local favorite with awesome food, craft cocktails, and a chill vibe, Sweet Liberty is definitely a place you’ll want to hit more than once.
photo from Yelp | Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company
Eat: Cuban torta
Drink: Big banana julep
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The Alibi

A total dive with exceptionally delicious greasy spoon fare that hits the spot. This place sticks out a little in South Beach, but that’s probably part of what makes it so great.
photo from Natalia Molina, Miami New Times
Eat: Philly cheesesteak with truffle fries
Drink: BEER
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