things to try at your next concert

Going to a concert is a magical experience. You get to dance like no one’s watching, wear (practically) any outfit you want, and meet some incredibly entertaining people – all in the company of your favorite artist. Nowhere else in society can you behave like you do at a concert. It’s freedom…

… which means that there are so many things you can do that you’re not yet doing. Next time you’re at a concert, why not take full advantage of the experience by meeting the artist, bringing a totem, or showcasing your talent? A concert opens so many awesome possibilities. Here are seven new things to try at your next concert:

7 new things to try at your next concert

1) Wear a crazy new outfit

new things to try at your next concert crazy outfit

The options are limitless. You could wear your coziest giraffe onesie, or your pinkest tutu, or mix and match to achieve fashion like no one’s ever seen. A concert is your rare opportunity to wear (practically) whatever you want. Because in reality, no one really cares if you’re embarrassing yourself.

Whatever you decide on, just be cognizant of the venue, transportation, and weather. The last thing you want is to be sprinting through freezing rain in your one-piece after the show.

2) Bring your talent

new things to try at your next concert talent gloving

A concert is primarily the artist’s time to show off. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an opportunity for you to show your talent as well. Common concert talent includes gloving, hula-hooping, shuffling. If you know how to do any of the above, that’s great. If you don’t, then consider taking a few days to learn a fun new skill.

Otherwise, just head to the show prepared to show off your best dance moves. Bonus points if you bring something neon and colorful to dance around with.

3) Go early for the opener

new things to try at your next concert opening act

Quite often, the opening act is someone you’ve never heard of. But that doesn’t mean their set isn’t worth seeing – they could very well become your next favorite artist. After all, whoever you are seeing personally selected this artist. That means they’re probably pretty good.

Consider heading to the venue early and checking them out. There will be more space to dance. If they’re not your favorite, at least you have time to get situated. Go get a drink, check out the merch stand, and take a bathroom break before the main act.

4) Try Auto Shazam new things to try at your next concert auto shazam

Here’s a nifty little thing 2018 lets you do. Shazam (available for Android and iOS) has a feature that will automatically identify each song that’s played around you. This feature is best for electronic shows, since it only works for pre-recorded tracks.

But if you’re a setlist freak like me, you’ll love being able to listen through all the songs again the next day. And since it’s automatic, you’ll be less tempted to take out your phone mid-show. That’s a better show experience anyways.

5) Meet the artistnew things to try at your next concert meeting artist

There is no better time to meet your favorite artist than at their show. At smaller venues, they’ll often hang around the stage after the show ends. If they do, it’s your perfect opportunity to sweep in, impress them with how cool and low-key you are, and get a quick photo or two.

At bigger venues, meeting them may be more difficult but not impossible. Check on social media to see if there are any meet-and-greets after the show. Otherwise, try waiting for the artist by the back exit. As long as you’re not overly intense about it, chances are the artist will be happy to chat for a second.

6) Bring a totem

new things to try at your next concert bring totem

A totem (with regard to live music) is an image attached to a long pole. Most common at festivals, totems are often adorned with inspiring messages, artist-themed designs, or Rick and Morty references. Next time, try making one. It’s a perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity. Maybe try stylizing it with LED strips for an added flare.

Not only are totems great for meeting new people, but they’re perfect for keeping your group intact. Your friends will easily find you in the crowd if they know what to look for.

7) Take more photos, less video new things to try at your next concert photos instagram

It’s always fun to look at videos from last night’s concert. But the quality is never as good as you’d like. Plus, filming takes up lots of time that would be better spent enjoying the show.

So next time, take some photos instead. Try getting some artsy, angled shots of the performer. Take photos of your friends having the time of their life. If you’re at an outdoor festival, you can get breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding area. And with a little practice, your photos will look professional in no time.

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