We’re counting down the days until that magic time of year when we say goodbye to the past year and look toward the future. But first you need to manage New Year’s Eve. So if you need a few New Year’s Eve ideas to get you jumpstarted, we got you.

Also, can you believe that it’s already 2018? I remember ten years ago, in the ’90s… oh wait… ten years ago was 2008. It’s now closer to 2020 than 2015.


Sorry, let’s get back on topic and offer some New Year’s Eve ideas for you.

7 New Year’s Eve Ideas For Music Lovers

new year's eve ideas beerDrink

What is New Year’s without dranks? I mean, I’ve heard that you can do it without them, but that’s just not my way of thinking. Best part of drinks for New Year’s Eve is the fact that you can do it from just about anywhere. Home, bars, parties, DJ sessions, and my favorite, at the show.

This one might not be as much a recommendation as much as a thing you might do while you’re out celebrating with some good music.

new year's eve ideas foodFood

This is another one that should be a part of every New Year’s Eve. Before partaking in a night of dancing and drinking you’re going to want sustenance, no matter how you look at it. But if you want to make the focus of the celebration food, you’re doing it so right.

There are a lot of ways to set this one up. You can hit up a food establishment beforehand and then follow through with any of the other ideas below, or make food the center of attention. Throw a food-themed party and get each of the guests to bring a main course. This is the kind of party I can get behind, and you can include your 2017 go-to music list while eating a ton of different delicious foods.

I’m not saying make it a taco party, but it is a great option.

new year's eve ideasFireworks

What New Year’s would be complete without these glorious explosions in the sky? Best part? Most towns have some kind of fireworks display for you to check out. In other areas, fireworks are legal and you can shoot them off yourself. There’s nothing like your own magical night of massive pyrotechnics. If you’re doing it with your own tunes in the background, you’re winning New Year’s.

If you’re not seeing fireworks, does New Year’s Day ever really happen? Asking for a friend.

new year's eve ideasTimes Square

If you’re anywhere on the East Coast, you’re going to watch the countdown in New York City anyways. Why not be there? Have you ever been in Times Square for New Year’s Eve? It’s an incredible experience that’s engulfed in music.

You could really replace “Times Square” with whatever big city is around you, but none of it should be attempted without the proper planning, food, and music.

new years eve ideasDance

This one is simple. There’s a million and one different ways that you can dance the night away for New Year’s Eve. Grab tickets to one of the many all-night bangers and dance away until midnight (and much, much later, if you’re into that kind of thing).

Plus, dancing makes you healthier!

new year's eve ideasGigWith

Of our New Year’s Eve ideas, this one takes the best of everything above and slams it together. If you’re a Jukely member and need the simplest way to find some gig buddies to do New Year’s Eve right, it’s as simple as heading to GigWith. Log in and you’ll see how many friends you have on Jukely, what shows for New Year’s Eve you both might like, an easy way to message them, and boom, you’re ready to rock.

If you want to ring in the new year with music and friends, we’ve got you covered. If you plan it out perfectly, you get the drinks, the food, the fireworks, a city, dancing, and music all in one fell swoop!

This is possibly New Year’s Eve perfection.

new year's eve ideasSleep…

I’m not judging you. I swear. If you want to bring in 2018 with a well rested evening, then so be it. But you’re going to miss out on everything above! Maybe put a sleeping playlist together and add some tunes to your sleepy time?

You can definitely incorporate music into the night no matter how you look at it. How are you going to celebrate? What are your top New Year’s Eve ideas? We’d love to hear on Twitter!

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