live music

Live music is one of the greatest things on the planet, but more than that, it also has the ability to save the day. Think about the last time you saw a show. Then think about how you felt when the music hit your ears. Did you feel the electricity run through you? Did your hair stand on end? Well then, you already know what I’m talking about. That feeling can save any situation, no matter how poorly it was going before.

7 Places Where Live Music Can Save the Day

1) On dates

on dates live music

Before we even get to the bar, the band or bands you’ve decided to see with the other person has already saved you.

If you ask someone to go see a show and they say they don’t like the band that you love, the music has already put up a red flag. If the person loves the band you’ve asked them to, things start looking good. Or if the person doesn’t know the band, but still wants to check it out, you’ve reached a magic point. Someone willing to try new music is the best.

Once you’re at the show, if things are going great, live music is there to give the date a soundtrack. The music is a memorable event that you can tell friends about later in life. And unfortunately, if the date is not going well, you’ve got those beautiful tunes to take you out onto the dance floor.

2) During sportsball

sports live music

There are two sides to live music and sports that we’re going to hit on. First the sports-lover side of things, and then, the not-a-sports-lover side of things.

If you love sports, there’s hardly anything that can make it better (other than the music being played during the game). But in a few instances, like football, you’ve got a halftime event that brings live music directly into the middle of the stadium! It’s like you’re getting two shows in one just by showing up (or turning on the TV).

If you’re not a sports lover, that halftime show may very well be your saving grace for the day. Maybe you’re only watching the game to see your favorite band play in the middle, but either way, the music is what’s gonna save the day.

3) At a carnival or fair

carnival live music

There’s hardly anything about a carnival that you can’t love. Where else do you get fried Oreos this time of year? The rides that have most likely never been checked for true safety is more of a rush than scary. And finally, the chance to see live music outside, especially after winning a stuffed bear the size of a fifth grader. Live music doesn’t just save the night, it’s the cherry on top of your second ice cream sundae.

4) Social media feeds

social media live music

So this one might be considered “recorded” live music, unless you catch a live feed of a show, but there’s nothing like seeing your favorite band pop up in your feed playing live. With the bad news that we’ve been bombarded with daily, some fresh tunes being injected into the mix is a welcome addition.

And, here’s to the bands who stream a few songs or the set from their shows that we couldn’t make it to. You’re the real heroes.

5) While camping

live music camping

Camping is fantastic and if you’re doing it right, you’re deep in the woods with only a tent, some of your closest friends, and you-know-who with a guitar. Personally, I can sit on a log and watch a campfire for hours on end with only intermittent discussions throughout the night. But the second someone brings out a guitar, everything changes.

That is, if they’re good at playing said guitar. If they are, they can take a campfire into a live music event not to be missed. If they aren’t, well, at least they’re learning, and that’s cool too. Maybe they can try out some tech.

6) On your commute

Live Music subway public transit

Before you say it, I’m not talking about “SHOWTIME” (for non-New Yorkers, these are the people who wander between subway cars dancing or singing). I’m talking about the artisanal buskers in the subway stations. In a lot of cases, they had to get approved to play in the subways, so they’re extremely talented and can make some of those longer wait times seem like a walk in the park.

Perhaps not all cities have opportunities like this, but no matter how your daily commute, or your walk outside, plays out, there are always golden opportunities to catch some live music and make the day that much better.

7) Everywhere else

live music everywhere

Literally everywhere else. Sometimes, just hearing live music out of nowhere can be jarring. But if they’re good, it’s a welcome addition to almost everything. Seeing live music in almost any situation can really save the day, and I welcome it in, wherever I’m lucky enough to see it.

Where were you caught off guard by live music? Or even better, where were you saved by it? Tell us on Twitter!