I’m sure there’s some kind of scientifical backing to all of this, but I’m just going to hit on what I’ve seen at shows in the past.

  1. Passion — This goes for the people on the stage as well as off. There’s nothing sexier. If the singer/guitarist/bass/drums/whoever on stage is incredible, focused, “IN THE ZONE,” everyone in the crowd can feel it and reacts to it. On the other side, those in the crowd who are passionate about the band have that sexy sense of wonder and amazement on their faces while watching. Ugh… wish I was at a show right now.
  2. Vibe — Have you ever been to a show and you can feel the electricity in the room? The bass drops or the guitar hits you and your entire body is transported to another realm. Yeah… that vibe. Even if you go to a show and you’re tired THIS is the vibe that pulls you out of it and into the second wind. THIS is the vibe that dictates how your evening ends up.
  3. Sweat — I mean, you’re already halfway there. Bodies crashing into each other. Music taking control. Hair flipping through stage lights. It’s like those amped up videos where everything looks like it’s in slow motion. Th-o. Th-exy.
  4. Lyrics — Some lyrics can just destroy you, can’t they? Then again, some can move you in ways you never thought possible. That moment when the lyrics resonate deep within you and you can’t help but sing along. Those are the times the rest of the audience falls for you. Unless of course, they’re feeling the same thing. In which case, bond over that.
  5. Friends — You know what else is sexy? The person who goes to a show, gets along with everyone, and has a good time. Because the opposite of it definitely isn’t.
  6. Alcohol — Inhibitions, amirite? I’m not saying get blackout drunk or take advantage of someone who is, but loosening up is pretty much always a good thing. The person who’s feeling the music and dancing along is wayyyyyy sexier than stoic headbobbers (I mean, if that’s your thing, you do you, just saying).
  7. FOMO — I know… I’m over the term FOMO too, but in this case it makes sense. The conversation sounds something like:
    Them: “You went to a show last night? I thought you went to a show last week?”
    You: “Oh, I did, and I did.”
    Them: “I need to come to a show with you.”
    You: “Yes, you do.”

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