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If you use Instagram to keep up with memes and the latest avocado toast recipe, congratulations. You’re officially a millennial. What do millennials do best? I’d like to make a case that it’s going to concerts. So how do you find the inspiration to go out if the memes and recipes are calling your name? Short of following all of your favorite artists—which, I’m assuming, is a lot—I suggest you follow the newest royalty of FOMO: concert photographers.

Concert photographers provide stunning visual content, are always on top of posting regularly, and, let’s be honest: live a fun lifestyle. There’s tons out there, but we did a round up of eight we love and follow and think you should too.


You might recognize this name if you stay up to date with Highsnobiety, as they just featured him on their #GramGen series. He’s shot a range of artists from Louis the Child to Justin Bieber, and he travels all over the world doing it.

moments like this

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Colorful, vibrant shots with everyone you could imagine. Recently there’s been quite a few of Halsey, but he specializes in diversifying the usual concert shot with press shots, behind the scenes, and an occasional aerial of cities he’s visited on tour.

Last night was 🔥🐒🤘🏻

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This landscape photographer turned nightlife expert has proven he’s a master of all light—including spotlights and sunsets.

For this life, I cannot change.

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SimplyG is self-declared “your girlfriend’s favorite photographer,” but something tells me that isn’t necessarily true. He offers a look a lot deeper in the background and grunge elements of concerts (including lots of butts), but it’s always fun to switch your feed up.

Ready to get back in the road this weekend // Escape. Phoenix. Miami. Tampa. Let’s go!

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Nick Farrar is currently Dillon Francis‘ go-to man, so there’s a lot of Dillon in your feed.  If you’re not a fan of Dillon Francis, don’t let that stop you from tossing him a follow. He’s got other artists too, and his visuals are insane.


This NYC-based photographer dabbles in other subject matters too. Come for the show pictures, stay for the cows and cityscapes. They’re all worth it.

We are all kindred spirits.

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He’s currently on tour with Ghastly in South America but has shot huge names like Marshmello and Jauz.

denver was insane last night, lets see if round two can go even harder

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You probably know him from Manila Killa‘s concert photos, but he’s got a diverse portfolio of Moving Castle artists.


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