first festival tips

So… you’re going to your first festival. You might be a little nervous but definitely excited. Don’t be scared! It’s going to be a blast. If you’re wondering how to make every festival a success, here’s some tips on how to prep for the best first festival ever.

8 ways to make your first festival a success

Know the music festival’s rules and regulations.

Will there be cash-only food trucks? Will your wristband sync to your credit card? If this is your first festival, a little research will go a long way. You don’t want to be stranded inside the festival grounds without the things you need!

Dress for the weather (and dancing).

Don’t make this first festival mistake. Definitely wear sneakers; it usually gets muddy and people might step on your feet. Make sure they don’t give you blisters.

Know what the weather is supposed to be like and dress accordingly. Make sure you wear sunscreen and whatever attire is appropriate for what the weather gods decide to give you that day. Nothing worse than being sunburnt the day after a festival!

If it’s day to night, remember you might get a little cold. Listen to the mom inside your head telling you to pack a jacket if you run icy.

Stay in touch with your festival friends. 

first festival tipsTo do that, you need a fully charged phone. Make sure you charge your phone overnight, and bring an external charger if you know your phone dies fast. It’ll pay off in the end.

Sometimes, however, phones don’t work on the festival grounds, whether it’s due to service or just too many people in one place. Plan an alternate meeting place whenever you separate so you don’t have to worry about losing your gig buddies!

Pack only what you’re comfortable carrying. 

Lockers are expensive and fill up fast. Try and pack light. Only bring what you want to carry on you. I personally hate carrying anything, so I stick to pretty much my phone and wallet. However if you’re okay with running to and from lockers, feel free to bring as much stuff as you’d like.

Get a lay of the land when you first get there. 

Do a quick lap of the festival grounds. Figure out where the best food is, where every stage is, and where the hidden porta-potties are (trust me, this one is key). There’s nothing worse than trying to find the stage with your ideal artist lineup and not being able to find where you’re supposed to go.

Know who is playing when. 

first festival tipsIf you’re as into planning as I am, it’s crucial to know who is playing when and know where you’d like to be at specific set times. You can save the set times to your phone, print them out, or make your own schedule with a lot of festivals new apps. Just make sure you don’t miss who you came to see.

Pace yourself.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint! It’s okay to take a break and sit in the shade for a little bit, especially if you’re feeling tired. Don’t try and push yourself all the way through if you need a little down time.

Have fun!

Festivals are a great time and shouldn’t be too stressful. Just let loose and have a good time! Go with the flow and try something new, you’ll never forget it.