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There are a plethora of reasons why humans can be found going to see live music around the world. I’m going to skip the biggest reason why anyone needs live music to listen to (because they like the band) though. These nine reasons go way deeper than just liking a song. And after reading this, you might just have to go to a show tonight.

9 reasons why humans need live music to listen to


There’s nothing like heading to see some live music with friends or alone, and find yourself connecting with all the people around you. The friendship built around music or around going to see live music is one of the strongest out there. There’s just something magical about finding yourself at a live show and knowing that you probably have a lot in common with all the people around you.


music to listen to

If you’re anything like the music fans that I know, you’re going to get all kinds of recharged when there’s live music to listen to. If it’s the songs, the people around you, or just the electricity that flows through the air at every show, you’ll leave with a full battery. Even if you leave a show tired, the recharge will come in the following days when you think back to what a great time you had.


The same reason that you go to a show to find people just like you is the reason you go to escape. Seeking out live music to listen to lets you get out of the “real world,” if only for a few hours. With a few friends, a few beers, and a few songs, all the stresses of life seem to fall by the wayside and you’re free to just be yourself.


No matter what kind of music you like, when you go to a concert, most of the people there are going to accept you for yourself and your love of music. This isn’t a meeting in your stuffy office or a class that you have to take to graduate. This is music, and everyone is welcome at the party.


Have you ever heard about a venue that you’ve never been to in your town and thought to yourself, “I have to get there ASAP”? What about a brand new, super high-tech venue in another city? Life is made up by the stories that we have collected and not many experiences out there can stand up to seeing live music.


music to listen to

It’s not the most incredible reason to go to a show, but I’ve definitely been known to go to a few out of habit. Every time a certain band comes through, or a certain festival, or a certain promoter, you just have to hit it up. There’s nothing like the comfort factor for a show, but the surprises you run into are what keep you coming back.


Finding new bands! One of the biggest reasons you should get to shows early is so you can find out about new bands. It doesn’t happen all the time, but who hasn’t been to a show to see the headliner and been even more impressed by one of the opening bands instead? And this discovery leads to going to see even more live shows.


This one might be harder to achieve than some other reasons, but incredible nonetheless. Have you ever traveled to a show or festival in another city? There’s nothing like getting to explore a brand new area or venue because your favorite band is hitting up the spot. This goes double for local bars and restaurants around wherever you’re seeing the music.


Sometimes I get bored and end up at a show. But the best part about this one is everyone wins at a show. You won’t be bored, you might discover a new band, and you’ll have a story to tell people the next day. I’ve heard that only boring people get bored, but if being bored gets you to a show, I fully support it.

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