It’s no secret that most of the music we hear comes from the three major labels (Sony, Universal, and Warner Music), but did you know Atlanta is home to many noteworthy independent labels? Below is a list of local record labels and why you should know about them.

Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records


Frequently referred to by its acronym, HHBTM Records, this indie label out of Athens, Georgia was created almost by accident. It all started when the founder, Mike Turner, decided to create a compilation CD for the 4th anniversary of the Bee’s Knees zine in 1991. The compilation was so successful that he decided to start a 7″ singles club. From there, it seems a record label just kinda made sense, and HHBTM was born. Today, the label represents artists such as TunabunnyRAT FANCYAntlered Aunt Lord, Eureka California, Kristin Hersh, and Skinny Girl Diet.

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Madison Records

madison records

Madison Records is known for putting out high-quality, great sounding records. That’s because the record label was formed by audio engineers Tanner Hendon and Wyatt Oates. The two purchased a recording studio, renovated it, and began Madison Studios in 2011. As they grew their client base, they started Madison Records. Currently, their roster includes The Future BabesChelsea ShagBrother GreyHero the Band, and more.

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Awful Records

Awful Records

If you’re into Atlanta rap, chances are you already know about this one. Headed by Father, Awful Records is almost as much of a family as it is a record label. Each artist on the label has a specific reason for being a part of the group, and all of the the labelmates are very close. Ethereal and Faye Webster are definitely ones to watch!

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Boris Records

boris records

Although Atlanta is not frequently thought of as a hub for metal music, it actually happens to have a pretty active metal community and a lot of local bands trying to get their music heard. Boris Records, an independent heavy metal record label, was created by Sam Leyja as a way to bring this community together and develop Atlanta’s own metal sound. Check out Death of KingsGunpowder GrayHellgoat, and Cloak.

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CGI Records


Founded in 2013, CGI Records is all about releasing unique house, techno, and electro. The label was started by Matt Weiner, who also has a solo project called TWINS and is one half of the duo Pyramid Club. On the CGI Records roster is Pamela_ and her sonsRussell E.L. Butler, Love Letters, and more.

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