How’s the holiday season treating you? Not stressed yet because it’s just starting? Or are you getting stressed about just thinking about being at home and catching up with relatives who have no idea what you actually do?

The thought of talking to Aunt Cheryl about her Facebook posts giving you a rock bottom feeling in your stomach? That’s okay. We have the solution. You’re not the only one who wants to avoid your family.

Use live music to avoid your family drama this holiday season.


  1. Well, we talked all about the health benefits of lowering your stress hormone cortisol earlier this month, and surprise! Live music scientifically lowers your stress levels, making you a happier person and reducing your stress this holiday season.
  2. You can finally find your concert bae when you go home for the weekend.
  3. Technically, there’s a term for Thanksgiving Eve, also known as “Blackout Wednesday.” Why is this important? Most of your friends go home for the holidays, so you can finally catch up with them and make them your new go-to gig buddy.
  4. Live music makes you a happier person.

avoid your family, go to a concert

How to break the news without telling your family you’re avoiding the stress of the holidays.

Now that you know live music is the right thing to do to lower your stress this holiday season, the next step is how to break the news.

I recommend the straight-forward “I need to get out of the house” approach. If you’re not as honest with your family, here’s some excuses (some true, some false) you could use.

  1. I love this band and I won’t be able to see them anytime soon.
  2. My best friend from high school will be there and I need to catch up with them.
  3. My best friend from high school is trying to get away from their family, so I need to go to this show with them. It’s not you guys, I promise.
  4. There’s a new venue I want to check out.
  5. I need to lower my stress levels.
  6. I am going on a date, Aunt Cheryl, and I need to be at the venue when doors open to get a good spot.
  7. I’ll be going to the grocery store from 8 PM to 1 AM.
  8. The dog needs a walk.

Once you get out of the house for a night to have some fun and avoid your family drama, the rest of the holiday should be pretty easy to grit through. If it isn’t, just repeat the whole process again! I doubt anyone will catch on.

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