best clubs in miami

In another city, any single one of these EDM clubs would be a crown jewel, but here they’re all part of the colorful fabric that makes Miami a rich, vibrant tapestry of music, art, and culture. But if you’re only in town for a little while and you’re looking to hit the best electronic dance spots, there are definitely some clubs you cannot miss. Here are the five best clubs in Miami.

The five best clubs in Miami for electronic music

LIV Miami

Located on Collins Ave in Miami Beach, LIV has distinguished itself as a destination for most of South Beach as well as star-studded tourists of the rich and famous variety. While it does not cater exclusively to the electronic dance music crowd, when the big leaguers come to town, there’s a pretty good chance that LIV is where they’re going to perform—or hang out afterwards.

STORY Nightclub

On Collins Ave, just a few miles south of LIV and conceived by the same production company, you’ll undoubtedly spot STORY, a sprawling venue that covers 27,000 square feet, five full-service bars, and a whopping 60 VIP tables. Who the hell would sit down, given the state-of-the-art sound system and roster of high caliber DJ talent, is still a mystery, of course.


Treehouse Miami

Just off 23rd Street in Miami Beach, Treehouse Miami is described by Urban Daddy as a “woodsy cove of late-night mischief.” In addition to the dance floor and regular rotation of both underground and above-ground talent, there’s a nice outdoor garden where you can unwind or catch some air before the next drop.


Located at Washington Avenue in Miami Beach and masterminded by LinkMiamiRebels, Trade is the bastion of underground EDM goodness that a city like Miami not only needs but deserves. This venue was designed, from the bars to the dance floor to the sound system, for dance. No list of the best clubs in Miami would be complete without an entry from LinkMiamiRebels.

Heart Nightclub

Touted as a “casual, high-energy, multilevel club with a roof terrace,” a quick stop over to Heart Nightclub on 11th Street in the heart of downtown Miami will confirm that it is exactly that but so much more. Heart is for the true music enthusiast, the singer and the swayer and the rocker in us all, who just wants to enjoy the tunes, without any of the pretentious velvet rope BS. We could all use a little more Heart.

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