summer concerts

It’s pretty undeniable. Summer tends to be packed with a little bit more fun than other seasons in North America: BBQs, pool parties, lake houses, baseball games, the whole ten yards. It’s even referred to as festival season. So, what gives? Why are there so many concerts in the summer as compared to the winter?

summer concerts

Why so many concerts happen in the summer

More Tours

Bus tours, North American tours, festivals, oh my! Artists have a tendency to avoid winter North American tours, whether it be to avoid weather delays or to spend time with their family over the traditional holidays, it’s just how it all fleshes out. So, this one isn’t just a “It feels like there’s more shows” in the summer situation; it’s a reality.

More Time

summer concertsDuring the summer, there’s more daylight, which means more outdoor shows, including festivals. When the sun isn’t setting at 5 PM every day, the opportunity to have day-long concerts increases tenfold.

Additionally, there’s more one-off, three-day weekends in the mix during the summer. This allows for three-day festivals, living up in the sun, and listening to your favorite artists.

More flexible schedules

Summer is when students are off for summer break. Redundant, you may think, but it’s not just high schoolers who are going to festivals out there. It’s important to realize college students are out of school as well, and the flexibility in schedule is important to promoters and to audience. Why not go to a banging concert on a Tuesday night if you have no school the next day?

More Cash

Winter has built in expenses with holidays always looming. Travel, holiday presents, family time all have their own hidden expenses and can add up after a while. With the cash flow positive, there’s more flexibility to see artists when and where you want.