concerts in college

Your time spent during undergraduate education is somehow simultaneously the most expensive and cheapest four years of your life. You may be paying thousands of dollars for tuition, but you’re also shoving cereal in your backpack at dining halls to avoid buying a snack later in the day. Trekking across campus for the cheapest and strongest coffee. House parties instead of bars. Walking instead of public transit. The list goes on and on.

All are money-saving techniques unique to college to achieve one thing: budgeting without sacrificing on experience. So how do you apply that concept to attending concerts in college? It’s tricky, but you can definitely see live music for cheap.

concerts in college

How to save money on concerts in college

There are tons of resources for people trying to save money, from making going out more affordable to hacks on making concerts cheap. Some of these tips will help regardless of your enrollment status, but here’s some specific to the extra frugal: the student.

Check your programming calendar 

A lot of colleges have a concert programming board that aims to provide free concerts to students a couple times a semester, whether it be year-end celebrations or orientation kick-offs. Make sure you know what dates these free concerts are during the year so you don’t double book. Free is always a priority.

Get involved in the not-so-underground scene

College parties, tailgates, and house parties galore. Sometimes people will throw events with artists and bands you might not have heard of until stumbling into the smaller event. Try and meet new people who are also into music through clubs, organizations, and classes. Battle of the bands? Might not be one of your dream concerts in college, but why not?

Keep your eyes peeled for student discounts

It’s once-in-a-blue-moon when it comes to ticketing, but sometimes there’s a special aimed at students. Check out your campus’ local bars; sometimes undergraduates get in free before a certain time.

Watch out for free events in your larger metropolitan area

Museums and large institutions often will throw free concerts or relatively cheap events due to student discounts. There’s concerts in parks, late night shows, and pay as you wish events. Capitalize while you can!

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