I’m not sure the Disney Princesses ever made it to concerts. I know they had balls, but those can be pretty stuffy and formal. However, there’s been over eight decades of princesses (shoutout Snow White) and I’m pretty sure each one hits a different concert attendee persona.

Which one are you?

The Disney Princesses at Concerts


CinderellaYou start the night off great! You’re always the one who is dressed to impress, and you don’t have to worry about calling the Uber to the show because that’s never your responsibility at the pregame. The concert is amazing, you have the best night of your life. You even make new concert friends!

The next thing you know… you’ve lost your keys, your wallet, even your shoes. Did you even wear shoes to begin with? You end up annoying all your friends because you make them stick around to find your lost belongings, and end up crashing on your friends couch anyways. You win some, you lose some.

Snow White

Snow White

You crush concerts regularly. Any time you can incorporate music in your life, you do. You’re basically the instigator for all things live music, coordinating who’s going, what band you’re seeing, the whole nine yards. You’re the one to get all seven dwarves to come check out that awesome up-and-coming artist you can’t stop listening to.

Unfortunately, you’ve also been known to sing along to every word, even if you don’t know the song. Pro-tip: that’s considered something that will get you on the list of worst people at concerts. Try to keep the singing along to a hum (or just your favorite songs).


You are the antithesis of Snow White. You can go one of two ways usually. You’re the quiet one in the back of the show, or you’re up front with your Snow White who brought you there. No matter what, you’re always up for a show, regardless of who is playing or what venue you’re going to, as long as you’re getting out of the house. Yeah, you don’t know all the words… or even the band, sometimes. But that’s okay because you seem genuinely and enthusiastically excited to be there and are enjoying discovering something new. Out of all the Disney Princesses at concerts, you’re the one who loves shows just to love shows.


Ahh, the concert know it all. Belle usually knows every fact about the band, and every fact about the opening band. She knows the hometown of every roadie and where the guys like to drink after the show. You’re a wizard; a pro at knowing (or guessing) set times, where the bathroom is, the ins and outs of every venue, and how to get around paying for coat check. Yes, you can be a little bit annoying when trying to get everyone to the show on time. But hey! If you didn’t care about who was playing, you wouldn’t put so much effort into researching about the venue and the artists in the first place.



Lady walks into a venue and finds concert bae at first glance. How do you do it? Who knows. Maybe it’s your puppy dog eyes. Maybe it’s your stunning blue choker necklace. Either way, you pair up pretty much immediately. Tonight’s Tramp will make sure your concert going experience runs flawlessly, from constantly supplying you beers, to making sure you find your way to your favorite spot, or maybe even lifting you onto his shoulders if you’re too short to see.

Your friends always wonder “Where’d Lady go?” but never worry—you always end up back with the pack at the end of the night. Sorry, Tramp! Better luck next time.

(I know she’s not technically a Disney Princess, but if the type fits…)


Pocahontas“Paint with all the colors of the wind”, am I right Pocahontas? You’re the spiritual concert goer, and you’re there for the fully immersive experience. Why bother going to a show if they don’t make it a performance, complete with insane visuals, lasers, and lights? Your preferred venue is either outdoors or a huge warehouse, where you can really experience top-of-the-line sound and sight.

This is the Disney Princess at concerts you want to stick with if you’re ready for the night of your life because something tells me she doesn’t have a midnight curfew like Cinderella.



Mulan is the mosh-pit master. Do you enjoy getting into the thick of the concert, right in the front row? Pushing your way through anyone to really feel the pulse of the concert? Getting as close to the bass as humanly possible, then really breaking a sweat when it comes to getting physical?

Mulan is not the type of concert goer to sit down in her seat. She’s out there moshing with the boys, and she’s holding her own better than a lot of them. If you’re not ready for this experience, it’s best to let Mulan do her own thing at shows.


TianaTiana is always down for the show, but do you have any idea what she’s really down for? Drunk. Eats. Afterwards.

If you’re Tiana, you have master Google skills for finding the late night spots still open after the show’s over at 2 AM. Or there’s a chance you’re a little like Belle and already know where to go depending on which venue your show is at.

No late night spots open? Never fear. Tiana is ready to whip up nachos once you get home. Always bring a Tiana.


MeridaUnlike Mulan, or maybe Pocahontas, Merida’s not interested in doing her own thing. You’re Merida if you’re the one who is always keeping everyone together. You have no interest in losing all your bear cubs you came with. You’re constantly sending texts like, “Belle’s in the bathroom! We’re up front by the left! Staying here ’til you get back!” or “Lady, we’re calling an Uber to the next bar, come meet us by coat check!” No. Man. Gets. Left. Behind. And Merida is here to make sure of it.


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