why do people like metal

Fellow fans of electronic: I know what you’re saying, most likely something like, “you don’t know me…” or “actually, no I don’t…” But hear me out.

First off, I’m not talking about black death metal, grindcore, or the more polarizing stereotypes that get casually thrown around outside the metal scene. Regardless, there’s a form of metal you may not be familiar with. You’ve undoubtedly heard it in the background of a movie, but you may not have realized that it’s possibly your new favorite genre.

Feast your ears on the song below by The Arbitrary. This is the metal you’re looking for.

Welcome to instrumental metal.

Did you click it?

This isn’t going to work if you don’t click it.

I’ll wait.






Okay, now that we’re on the same page, check out the five reasons why you like it. The BDBDB… if you will.

  1. Build up – One of the best parts of a lot of electronic music is that beautiful build up until the ceiling falls out and the bass drops. Guess what else has it? Metal. In the song above, the first one happens at 9 seconds in and then another massive drop at 3:56. If you’re looking for that feeling where the music calms before the storm, we’ll meet you there.
  2. Decibels – Look, all music should be loud, that’s just a fact, but there are two that take the cake in turning up the decibels and it’s electronic and metal. The best way to listen to either is so loud that it cracks the foundation of your house (or the venue, depending on where you’re partaking). The louder it gets, the more of the tiny subtleties float into your brain and lift you up.
  3. Bass – Does metal have bass? I actually laughed at my desk as I wrote that. YES. It’s got the kind of bass that people look their whole lives for. And, it’s made by two people (usually), the drummer and the bass player. The amount of power that this backbone has on the music is palpable.
  4. Dancing – You wanna dance? Of course you do. It may be a little bit of a different style, but dancing is still there. And you know what? Most instrumental metal songs are longer than the normal pop or rock jams, so… just like electronic music, you’ve got time. Enjoy yourself.
  5. Beat – Drums and guitar. I’m going to go out on a limb here, but two of the most underrated musicians in the world are in metal. Now, I’m not saying we don’t have a love for drummers and guitar players in literally every other genre, but the guys in metal are on a different level. If you’re looking for a beat, find it in a metal song.

Now, all of this isn’t to say that the same couldn’t be said for a metal fan about electronic. But, personally, I was in the metal game before electronic, so… read it how you will.

Either way, if you’re an electronic fan, listen to The Arbitrary above. If you’re a metal fan, listen to Rezz below. Take notes on the similarities with your favorite tunes and then… branch out. Music is the greatest tool we have to come together in this world, let’s meet in the middle.

Finally, imagine if out of nowhere someone came up to you and said, “Oh, you like electronic? Here’s an entirely new genre that you’ll like…” Think about how much more music you would instantly have access to.

Oh wait, right, THAT JUST HAPPENED. 😉

Enjoy! 💜

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