bars near me with live music

I’m a firm believer diversity breeds happiness. Trying something new is great, and keeps you from getting bored or into a funk. I hate doing the same old, same old. That includes, for me, going to the same, regular spot every weekend and feeling like I’m stuck in some terrible grunge bar version of Groundhog Day. That’s why I decided to find bars near me with live music.

That’s the solution. If you’re like me, I strongly recommend bars with live music. They’re definitively better than plain old regular bars.

“Why?” you may ask. Well, I’ve got some reasons.

Why I found bars near me with live music:

We’re talking just regular, old fashioned, walk into the bar, and live music is playing. Not bars where bands are booked, though some of these rules still apply.

The experience is always brand new, but only slightly.

Yes, you’re at the same bar you always go to, but the band is different! The music they’re playing is different! The vibe and audience is different! You can still order your go-to disgusting drink (tequila Sprite, if you’re wondering) that your local bartender will begrudgingly make for you. You know you’re going to have a good time because it’s your favorite live music bar, but it’s not the exact same experience every time.

There’s an activity to participate in.

bars near me with live musicDrinking just to drink is amusing. Drinking while doing something is way more amusing. This can apply to bar games, but those are usually limited in quantity and nobody really likes rules. Everyone can participate in a rowdy rendition of “Born to Run.” Everyone. Even if you don’t know the words.

There’s something to fill the silence (and make things less awkward).

Talking to someone you don’t know very well? How about a friend of a friend who you don’t have much in common with? Live music bars provide entertainment and talking points. You can complain about it being too loud, or laugh about the girl who keeps requesting “Wagon Wheel.” You can also use it as an introductory way to talk to someone new. It’s a social crutch worth using. It might even make it worth it to go it alone.

bars near me with live musicIt unites the bar.

Everyone at the live music bar has, well, chosen to be there. There’s no avoiding the band, and in that sense, it makes a community. Everyone is there to get rowdy, appreciate the music, and make friends. It creates a sense of camaraderie that your local dive might not have.

Dancing (if you want to).

This one’s interesting… Depending on how close you are, and the genre of the music, people could end up dancing. Isn’t that more fun than everyone standing around, clutching their beers? On the flip side, if you don’t want to dance, you don’t have to. Chill back by the bar, away from the party animals. It works both ways!

Have I convinced you yet? That’s why I thought it was important to find bars near me with live music. Give it a try and check out a live music bar near you. I promise you won’t regret it.

Do you have a reason you love bars with live music I missed? Let us know on Twitter.

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