going to concerts alone

For some reason, I was always a part of the group that said going to concerts alone was weird. Like, “if you’re not going to a concert with friends, why are you even going?” I don’t know why, it was always just ingrained in there. Like the stigma about going to the movies alone; the awkwardness about doing it for the first time.

Then I started going to concerts alone and everything changed.

Let’s focus on the three best parts about going to concerts alone, shall we? New friends, freedom, and the music itself.

The New Friends

Another title for this article could have easily been, “Making friends after college” or “Making friends in your 30s.” But I’m going to stick with what it is for now. The first reason that going to a show alone will change your life is because you no longer have a safety bubble. If you want to interact with someone, you’re going to have to find someone to interact with. This means you’re going to meet new people. And if you’re lucky, you’re going to like them.

The people you meet at a show generally already like the music you like, since you’re at the same show, so it’s more than likely that you have things other than music in common. This might just be the first concert-going-experience with the people you meet at the show solo.

The Freedom

going to concerts alone

When you go a concert with friends, you’re usually at the disposal of the group on where you’re going to stand, sit, hang out, move, etc. Now that you’re alone, the world is your oyster. Check out the show from the back, the front, the side, the balcony.

Next up, you need to go to the bathroom? Grab a drink? Get some fresh air? When you go to a show alone, again, you do you, bruv. No need to update the group. Just do your thing.

The Music

This is a touchy one, but you know when your favorite song comes on and your friend just has to tell you something? Like, right then? (This person is already on my list of the 11 Worst People at Concerts.) When you’re going to concerts alone, you’re in charge. Listen to every lyric of your favorite song. Bask in the glory of that guitar virtuoso you came to see. It’s no longer about making sure the group is happy, it’s about making sure you’re happy.

Lastly, you’re going to be at a concert. Even if you don’t like being “alone,” you’re still getting to see a show. In my world, there’s nothing better than live music, so you might just win no matter how you participate.

For those who will no doubt say something like, “Yeah, but being with friends for live music is the best part about it,” or “Friends are what make live music worth going to,” or whatever, don’t get me wrong. My first choice will always be going with friends. Hell, I love going to shows with people, but I’m never going to pass up a show because I feel like I have to have someone to go with.

But going alone has opened my eyes to a world that might just add to my next music-going-experience. You have to think about all the shows you’ll see in the future. Shows that you might be able to go to because of and/or with the people you meet at the show while alone.

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