If you want to be a rock star, you’ll probably want to learn an instrument. In our series Want to be a Rock Star? we’ll test a few programs out!

Even with the odds stacked against me, I’m still learning guitar. A few weeks ago I was introduced to an online program called Guitar Tricks. Don’t let the name fool you, there’s no simple trick to playing guitar, but the program is incredible.

With over 30 professional instructors attached to this platform and teaching styles from rock to funk to surf to, well, everything else. It’s an incredible tool for the uber beginner to the advanced learner who just wants to tighten up the guitar tool belt.

Check out their promo video, then I’ll tell you about a few of their features.


Talk about in-depth! Everything about these video lessons in on another level. If you’re learning a song from day one—or have never picked up a guitar—this program will hold your hand and walk you through even the simplest things, from holding a guitar to naming the parts of it. If you’re an intermediate player, it might be dull to go through some of the more rudimentary lessons, but that’s why the “next” button is there!

Each lesson in Guitar Tricks shows you everything from difficulty, to style, to key, and offers options to download the lessons, print the notation, or simply mark it as a favorite. While going through each one you’ll see how much you’ve viewed and/or mark the lesson complete. It’s super easy to understand and navigate.

guitar tricksThe lessons are jam-packed with knowledge. For example, to learn “Sweet Home Alabama” (made easy), there are 13 videos by one instructor. Thirt… een.

Again, if you’re already an intermediate or advanced player and don’t need to learn how to play a D, C, or G chord, it might be tough to get through a few of the videos, but personally, I’d rather there be too much info than not enough. If you really need help, there’s also live group and one-on-one personal lessons (I haven’t tried them out yet though).

The program, which at its most basic goal is teaching you guitar, is perfection. There are enough instructors that, if you don’t like one, there is another you will, and enough lessons to keep you busy for the unforeseeable future.

The best part? The lessons are only the first part of Guitar Tricks overall offerings!

Grade: A+

What else comes in the toolbox?

guitar tricksScale Finder

For a beginner, you’re not going to look at this. But once you’ve got the basics down, you’re going to want to check this out all the time.

With an interactive program, you can see, hear, and pick exactly what scale you want to learn. If you’re looking to learn a major pentatonic scale with a D root note, just plug in the choices. It’s incredible. There’s also a lot of scales that I’ve never heard of that I’m excited to get into (and awkwardly talk about in my next chat with a friend about learning guitar).

Grade: A+

guitar tricksChord Charts/Finder

The same style program as the Scale Finder is available for Chords too. Every level guitar player can use this, and it’s all interactive.

The chord charts are also incredible. Especially if you want to make playing some songs easier, you can play a different version of the same chord on different strings. I had no idea you could play an A major chord in FIVE different ways.

This one gave me a light bulb moment.

Grade: A+

guitar tricksJam Station

Want to jam along with songs, improv, and learn on the fly across 12 different genres? This is where you do it. This is like having a full band to mess around with behind you, whenever you want, in perfect time. Again, not for the beginner, but incredible nonetheless.

Check out a few for yourself.

Grade: A+

guitar tricksMetronome

Between you and me, metronomes are boring. But this one doesn’t only have the beep…beep…beep you’re used to, it brings in speed drills and increases while you play to help you improve! Everything is customizable, including time signature, speed increase amount, speed increase frequency, beat sample, and accent sample.

It’s basically a metronome on steroids that will help you with your homework.

Grade: A+

guitar tricksFretboard Trainer

Want to learn every note on the fretboard? This’ll help, and it’ll do it by making you play a game. You can go try this out right now, it’s fun and the more you play the more you’ll remember!

I’m going to try to play it once every few hours (don’t let my boss know) to nail this down.

Grade: A+

Overall Rating

The above doesn’t even include everything that’s on the site. There’s so much info and even the few weeks that I’ve been playing with it hasn’t been enough time to truly dive into it all. If there was one negative I’d point out, it’s that there might be too much information. You’re gonna spend every day on this site.

I can’t recommend Guitar Tricks enough for beginners to advanced.

Final Grade: A+

If you’re looking to learn guitar, give this a try, it’s worth every dime. Check them out at www.guitartricks.com.